Agasthya Shah recently uploaded an influencer edition Q&A video on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel surrounds  topics such as Q&As, vlogs, collaborations, and more. He further is known to make less than 30 seconds videos on YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. His Shorts videos are generally based on observational comedy and his AG fam or Agasthians love him for the same. His content is lively, makes people laugh and he shows how grateful he is for his audience. And, in today’s video, he answers influencer questions related to net worth, income and more. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Agasthya opens up to his audience and answers all of their questions honestly, from whether he enjoys being famous to if his friends are merely there for content creation. He refers to his job as a workcation, claiming that his father coined the word because Agasthya has turned his job into a holiday because he enjoys creating content so much. He claimed that creating content, from scripting to editing, is a time-consuming procedure and not easy. It makes him want to take a week off some day when someone asked if he will ever stop making content, but he insists that he will never stop, completely. He also discusses the sources of money for YouTubers and how they are paid.

But what if Agasthya were to receive an offer that pays him more than YouTube does? Will he accept it? Tap the video and watch it right away!

I hope you liked the video and gained some insight regarding influencers. I love how transparent and honest Agasthya is throughout the video. I also admire how much he has planned to do in the future and how passionate he is. He is a great source of inspiration, indeed. Well, if you want to watch more of his videos, go HERE to consume the content he has curated, especially for you. And if you want to read another article featuring Agasthya Shah, you can tap HERE to do the same! Happy reading, y’all!