Google has announced a suite of India-first AI driven functionalities set to transform the Maps experience for users in the country. With a focus on localisation and addressing the unique needs of Indian users, the Google Maps is rolling out several innovative features designed to enhance navigation, provide detailed information, and offer sustainable travel options.

AI powered Google Maps In India

Simplifying Location Identification

The Address Descriptors feature aims to simplify location finding by automatically appending up to five relevant landmarks alongside shared pin locations. This addition intends to streamline navigation and assist users in easily recognising and reaching their intended destinations. Google plans to introduce this feature nationwide in the early months of the upcoming year.

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Lens in Maps

Integrating Lens into Maps is a forward leap in providing visual information to users. By leveraging this feature, individuals can utilise their smartphone cameras to access details about nearby places, such as restaurants and cafes. Opening hours, ratings, reviews, and photos will be readily available, enhancing the overall navigation experience. Initially launching in 15 Indian cities in January 2024, Lens in Maps will exclusively be available for Android devices.

Google Maps introduces immersive experience with AI in India

Seamless On-Screen Directions

For those on foot, Live View Walking Navigation will revolutionise navigation by overlaying directional cues and distance markers onto the Maps screen. Covering over 3,000 cities and towns across India, this feature will significantly aid pedestrians in navigating unfamiliar paths and locations. It’s slated for release exclusively for Android users, initially.

Sustainable Travel Choices

Google aims to introduce a more sustainable approach to travel with the Fuel-Efficient Routing feature. This functionality will offer users the option to view environmentally friendly routes for both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Taking into account factors such as real-time traffic, road elevation, and vehicle engine types, this feature will be available nationwide starting January 2024.

AI powered Google Maps In India for an immersive experience

Enhancements and Collaborations

Google’s commitment extends beyond just mapping features. The “Where Is My Train” app is set to undergo enhancements, providing real-time train locations, schematic maps, platform numbers, and more for local trains in Mumbai and Kolkata.

Moreover, partnerships with ONDC and Namma Yatri aim to integrate metro schedules and bookings directly into Google Maps. This collaborative effort will kick off with the Kochi metro by mid-2024.

These tailored AI-powered features introduced by Google Maps for the Indian market represent a significant step towards providing a more personalised, efficient, and sustainable navigation experience. From simplifying location identification to offering eco-friendly travel options, these innovations align with Google’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and catering to the diverse needs of Indian users.