The year 2024 is proving to be a challenging one for the tech industry, as major players like Google and Amazon are implementing significant layoffs across their departments. The trend suggests a broader effort to cut costs and increase efficiency amid economic uncertainties.

google and amazon massive tech layoffs


Google’s Layoffs

Google is laying off hundreds of employees in its hardware, voice assistance, and engineering teams. The layoffs particularly impact the augmented reality hardware team and the voice-activated Google Assistant. This move is part of Google’s ongoing organisational reforms, initiated since the layoffs in the mapping app Waze during the second half of 2023.

Scope of Layoffs

The cuts extend to the devices and services team, with several positions being eliminated. The majority of these cuts are affecting the 1P AR hardware team. Google confirms that the goal is to become more efficient, work better, and allocate resources in alignment with the company’s highest-priority products.

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Response from Alphabet Workers Union

In response to the layoffs, the Alphabet Workers Union expressed concern, stating that Google began another round of “needless” layoffs. The union emphasises the hard work of its members and questions the company’s decision to let go of employees while continuing to generate significant profits.

Past Layoffs and Company Size

Google has undergone major layoffs in the past, with 12,000 roles cut in January 2023. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and Alphabet, cited the need to align roles with the company’s highest priorities. As of September 2023, Alphabet employed 182,381 people globally.

Amazon’s Layoffs

Notably, Amazon is also facing workforce reductions. The company is laying off hundreds of employees across its Prime Video and MGM Studios divisions. The reasons cited include company performance and product-related factors. Additionally, the live-streaming platform Twitch, owned by Amazon, has let go of over 500 employees this week.

Broader Industry Trends

These layoffs come amid a series of tech industry layoffs, including Spotify letting go of 17% of its workforce in December and Meta laying off 20,000 employees throughout 2023. The industry appears to be adapting to changing economic conditions, reevaluating priorities, and streamlining operations.

The tech industry’s challenging start to 2024, marked by major layoffs at major companies, underscores the dynamic nature of the sector. The giants decisions to streamline their workforce and refocus on key priorities reflect the ongoing adjustments needed to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. The implications for affected employees and the industry’s trajectory will continue to unfold in the coming months.