Prachi and Harsh (better known as “Two Tickets to Freedom“) are the A to Z of travel, bringing you the best tales from their breathtaking adventure around the globe!

In their eyes, the couple’s genuine test of their love is travel. Together, they have embarked on a plethora of trips and have produced magnificent stories and photos from all corners of the globe to honor their wanderlust journey.

They are husband and wife, best friends, business partners, and travel buddies. They started off by making a few strides, but gradually they rose to become one of India’s most well-known travel bloggers.

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They visit the most exotic locations to celebrate their relationship while they travel, putting a lot of emphasis on adventure, discovery, and immersion, and encouraging others to explore!

They also have a YouTube channel, Prachi & Harsh, where these two nomads continue to generate exciting blogs by documenting their travels on YouTube, where they continue to bring in the perspective of where “love meets adventure.”

In addition to offering suggestions for trips and advice for those with constrained vacation time, their ultimate goal is to inspire others to live an adventurous life.

Their recommendations for adventures will surely motivate you to act and carry out the strategy that you’ve been contemplating.

They also hold entertaining live seminars on subjects including travel content creation for beginners, reel mastery workshops, and content creator boot camps. Additionally, the creators assembled an Amazon list of essential travel items, which you can find here.

Therefore, you should definitely visit their social media if you enjoy traveling, having spontaneous adventures, and discovering new locations.