Instagram-like Lemon8 app currently is climbing the App Store charts, TikTok owner ByteDance is already establishing its American presence while US senators debate whether or not to outlaw its primary service.

Lemon8, which touts itself as “a space for young creatives to share a diversity of content,” resembles a combination of Pinterest and Instagram in that it emphasizes products and features content from certain product categories, such as fashion, beauty, food, travel.

“This is a dramatic move for the little-known app and one that points to paid user acquisition efforts powering this surge. Prior to yesterday, the Lemon8 app had never before ranked in the Top 200 Overall Charts in the U.S.”


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The app, which has been available since 2020, has begun to gain popularity now in Asian countries. But as of now, it’s also becoming more popular in the US, with Lemon8 cracking the top 10 for overall app downloads over the past week.

Lemon8 might develop into a display of products recommended by influencers using a framework similar to Pinterest, and those influencers might be compensated with a commission on sales as a result of their posts.

It appears to be a natural addition in this regard, but as mentioned, it may be untimely if regulators become aware of its expanding presence.

Lemon8 -

As Insider revealed last month, As part of a larger strategy to expand the platform, ByteDance has begun paying creators to post on Lemon8 which is leading to more downloads of the app.

“ByteDance has been paying creators in the UK to post on the app in recent weeks, three influencers told Insider. One creator who had posted on the app shared documentation showing they were getting paid to post on the platform, while two others shared emails they received from Lemon8 outlining the payment structure.”

Lemon8 might develop into a display of products recommended by influencers through the use of a framework similar to Pinterest, in exchange for which those influencers would receive a fee on any sales that resulted from their posts.