The dawn of live streams in the current digital world is something that we are all aware about. What’s beautiful is that live streams too have recognised the need of the hour and have resorted to humanitarian ways for aiding the needy. 

As the nation fights through the second wave of Covid-19. Several organisations have come up to lend a helping hand and magnify the efforts to provide what is necessary. While all of us may not be able to go out and help, the folks at several charitable organisations have made it easy for us to lend a helping hand by means of donations. The early weekend of May saw the streaming of “Show Up for India”, a fundraiser live stream (for more details click here).

Carrying on the tradition, the last Sunday of the month, 30th May 2021 saw the showcasing of another fundraiser live stream called “All For One.”

All For One was an online fundraiser organised by and featured renowned artists from all over the country in a full entertainment extravaganza. The artist lineup and schedule can be seen here:

The proceedings from the entire stream went to the following organisations:

Feeding From Far


Hemkunt Foundation


Making The Difference


Khaana Chahiye


Sewa For Artists


Friendicoes SECA

To all our readers if you can then do contribute to the cause but if you can’t then staying at home and taking care of yourself is perfectly fine too.

Mask Up & Be Kind!