Couple goals we say, what even is it? Eventually, a perfect relationship is nothing but growing and evolving together and encouraging each other to do better every day. Nowadays, every little token of love or a romantic getaway is Instagram-worthy. Social Media is a medium to follow couples and get inspiration for your perfect date night or a perfect photoshoot with your better half! 

Making the singles on the internet crave an ideal relationship to inspire couples to celebrate each other’s achievements like their own, these Influencer-couples are nothing but a treat to watch. 

Komal Pandey & Siddharth Batra 

These hotties don’t just serve bewildering looks but also portray what chemistry and compatibility look like. Want to look like a bomb couple at a wedding or at a cocktail party? Komal and Siddharth have got you covered! These two literally have a social media presence that will have you binge-watching their content the whole day long. Definitely, a must-follow couple.

Sakshi Sindwani and Raghav Arora 

Sakshi and Raghav are quite certainly the cutest couples. They are the ones that inspire you to be by each other’s side not just for the ups but also for the downs of life. They are a couple who teach that you don’t really need an occasion to celebrate love. More importantly, it is important to be your partner’s best friend first and then a lover, this couple surely preaches that.

Manav Chhabra and Unnati Malharkar 

The damnfam was eagerly waiting for this relationship reveal. Once they made it official, the internet went crazy because why not? Aren’t they the most adorable ones? Along with their usual content, they also give out major travel inspirations. Thinking of a dance-off with your beaux? Go watch “Unnav”, as their fans call them. 

Daizy Batra and Ankit Arora

Daizy and Ankit or should we say, The Vogue Vanity. From fashion to travel-related content, these two have built a world of their own. This star couple will influence you to have a couple of blogs with your partner just like them. The MTV Love School fame is winning hearts with their content and they’re just the most beautiful couple you’ll see on Social Media. 

Prajakta Koli and Vrishank Khanal 

Prajakta being a social media star, her Love Vrishank mostly isn’t that active on Social media. But the “DumDums” love it when Vrishank posts about Mostlysane. They’re a perfect example if your guy loves to be quiet and chill on their Socials and you’re a total opposite of them. We love to see Prajakta and Vrishank together, we hope you do too.

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Neel Salekar and Shriya Pusalkar 

Neel and his clan have been into a lot of the limelight recently due to their amazing content. Although, Neel and Shriya have broken a lot of stereotypes when Shriya proposed to Neel on his birthday. The fans went crazy(as they should) when they saw this quite emotional proposal. I mean isn’t that what this generation needs? Breaking the stereotypes and influencing people. 

Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Ahluwalia 

They are officially parents to “Maya” (a very cute dog), haha I almost got you in the first half, didn’t I? Anyways, Kusha and Zorawar is that chill couple that you would want to watch on a bad day because they will literally leave you laughing out loud. A very realistic and fun couple that you must follow if you’re looking for a fun time. 

Dolly Singh and Manu Chaturvedi 

Manu and Dolly are nothing but a treat to watch. They are just too cute to handle. Again, Manu is that quiet Social media presence guy whilst Dolly has an amazing Social media. Dolly and Manu are a perfect example of how one should support their partner at all times and celebrate each other with all enthusiasm. 

Let us know which is your favorite couple on the internet?