One of the toughest things to do for someone is to be vulnerable in public. Especially when it comes to public figures like celebrities, influencers, and content creators. Recently turned content creator, Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia, opened up on various aspects of his life in an interview with MensXP. From his childhood to his bond with his boys to dealing with heartbreaks and insecurities, he let it all out.

Heart-To-Heart With Zor

The Punjabi munda got candid about his life in this episode. He gave a glimpse of what goes on in an all-boys’ trip, where roasting is the ultimate love language. He also revealed the reality behind the fun adventures he’s had with his set of friends. Zorawar then spoke about his rise to popularity and fame.

The creator delved into the strong bond he shares with his father, his past relationships, heartbreak and how his family and friends helped him cope with the separation. Zorawar used to work at Diageo India, one of the largest alcoholic beverage companies in the world, for almost seven years. He then quit the 9-5 grind to take up content creation full-time. He also spoke about this transformational journey as well.

Zorawar explained the differences between male and female anxiety, according to him. He has gone through many tough phases in life. Resorting to affirmations helped him overcome them. He gave insights on handling rejection, processing heartbreaks in your 30s, and why he finds it easier to fall in love. Apart from content creation, Zorawar revealed that he also wants to foray into standup comedy.

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Kusha and Zorawar’s Separation

The duo were once madly in love but decided to part ways in 2023. However, Kusha and Zorawar never wanted to talk about their separation, but they had to as a publication forced them, or they would have leaked the news. After Kusha owned up to her decision proudly, Zorawar opened up about it for the first time.

Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia content creator interview MensXP heartbreak childhood love relationships healing

“This phase is some thing kind of new I just come out of an eleven years old relationship. In the next ten days I am going to move into a new home with my baby, my family, everyone is there. So everything is good.” When asked if dealing with heartbreaks in their 30s would become easy, he agreed because by then you know what you are dealing with.

All the heartbreaks and experiences were a learning for him. He feels that it made him a better person. The creator also swore to show his honest and ‘true self‘ in front of his partner in the future. Having spent his time working on himself, his insecurities, and positive affirmations, Zor is not scared of falling in love again. He mentioned that he got onto dating apps, but paused it as he had other things on his mind and needed to focus on his career.

This was quite an insightful conversation to listen to! It gave a fresh perspective into the male psyche and how they perceive life. How did you find Zorawar’s interview?