Youtube holds several treasured content pieces.It also holds the solution to almost all the assignments in the world(probably). If you’re tired of watching butchered remakes of your favourite songs or exhausted after a tireless hunt for assignment solutions. Here are 5 channels that you should watch to tingle your spidey sense.


Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha (Abhi) and Niyati Mavinkurve (Niyu) are a popular husband and wife duo running the youtube channel Abhi and Niyu. They gained popularity through their initiative #100ReasonsToLoveIndia where the couple spent 200 days travelling across India to highlight 100 reasons to celebrate our glorious country. The duo aims to make the internet a positive space by putting positive news in front of the people. Every video is aimed at spreading their core message “Following Love”. Cruising at a subscriber count of over a million the duo is rooted upon putting forth “the REAL INDIA that the mainstream media ignores” and to “make YOU INDIA POSITIVE!” because #farakpadtahai (It makes a difference).

Abhi and Niyu


Dilraj Singh Rawat who runs the youtube channel Mr. Indian Hacker made it big in the digital space by bringing to the world science experiments demonstrated in a fun and crazy way. Some of his videos are about making the world’s biggest pen; making spiderman shoes; fan powered rocket etc. Apart from science Dilraj has also expressed his love for the environment by launching an initiative to plant trees and also ended up planting 12,000 trees!

Currently cruising at a subscriber count of more than 13 Million the “Titanium Army” (name given to the channel’s subscribers) is only going to expand itself because of the everlasting love that both the army and Dilraj have for science.


Destin Sandlin the man behind the channel Smarter Everyday is a science geek who explores the world using science. The channel brings to you breakthroughs in the history of science and more often space science in a quirky way using a personalised narrative, Destin who is a scientist himself has made some really cool videos. In the video titled ‘GOING SUPERSONIC’ where he can be seen flying in an U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds F-16 and pulling 7-G’s!

Throughout his tenure Destin has also had the opportunity to interview notable personalities like President Barack Obama, Astronaut Chris Cassidy, Astronaut Scott Kelly and many more. With the aim of sharing what he learns and explores Destin believes that “We’re getting Smarter Everyday, have a good one!”


Derek Muller, the man behind Veritasium calls the channel an element of truth where he posts videos about science, education and anything else he finds interesting. One of the crowd favourites is a video titled “This is why we can’t have nice things” where Derek is seen discussing the history of light bulb manufacturing and frames the connection between as to what conspiracies took course to deprive us of nice things.

If you’re intrigued by the world of physics mingled with facts and conspiracies then Veritasium is the perfect channel for you.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt the german word for “In a nutshell” is an infographics channel that dives deep into exploring big questions. The channel is the visual example of what is called an ‘out of the box’ content bucket.

With a topic like “What if We Nuke the Moon” the channel has already proved its take on the ‘Big Questions.’

Source: Kurzgesagt

As explained by the team the videos are made to explain things with ‘optimistic nihilism’ and with the aim to make ‘science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.



VSAUCE is a Youtube brand created by internet celebrity Michael Stevens.

The channel dives into the topics related to scientists, technology, pop culture and other general interesting subjects.

Every video is shot with the intent to make it appealing and thought provoking. Topics like “The Future of Reasoning”; “Message for the Future” further justify the claim.

The channel is the perfect blend of thoughts and creativity honed by a personal take that only makes it better and worth binging.

These were a bunch of channels that are worth binging. Get started right away and become the smarter one in your group. Best part, they’re absolutely FREE to watch!