B612 used to be the OG of every other filter app in 2015 until Instagram and Snapchat took over. But after laying low for a while, it’s back with a massive makeover! Creators and celebs on Instagram are often seen using it.

Recently, Mrunal Panchal used the filmy frame effect of B612 to create ‘How to style your boyfriend’s coat’ content. She looked so stylish wearing Anirudh Sharma’s coat!

You can also click selfies in the film reel frame, just like Mrunu! Isn’t this so trendy?

See the way, actor Mohit Hiranandani edited his picture with a dog and a cat as the background. He even uploaded a short tutorial!

Glowing is now so effortless with the #sparklefilter from B612. Avneet Kaur definitely does!

Mritunjay Sharma posted his yawning picture and two other poses, with a pinch of rainbow effect. Ain’t he such a cutie?

Content creator Krutika vibed so well with the cartoon sticker filter, which looked just on point!

Now, this is the funniest one! She made a relatable dentist check-up video with an open mouth effect. Hilarious!

Hardik Sharma too joined the line of B612 users. Confidence reflects on his face!

Actress Niti Taylor looks so beautiful using the #shadowfilter from B612.

Even Faisal Shaikh seems so sunny and bright with B612’s filter.

With so many filters and effects, B612 is steadily rising to grab the high position. All types of aesthetic edit that are on Instagram is now available on B612. You can even edit videos and images with music!