The summers in India have barged in and are already nearing the 40-degree mark. Unlike the Western world, where summers are a joyous time allowing for more outdoor activities, in the Asian subcontinent, summers can get really hot and humid, draining individuals of energy and enthusiasm. The sad part about adulting is there are no summer vacations. One must continue to do what one does, whether or not the weather is favourable. 

So, the most ideal thing to do is to modify one’s lifestyle and routine to adapt to the changing weather conditions. After thorough research, we have prepared a list of things that can make summer feel bearable or at least give you a fair chance to fight against it. Worry not, we have included the simplest things doable by the laziest of the lot. (AKA, us)

Hail Hydration!

It is no secret that our bodies need additional hydration during the summer months because of the excessive sweat. Thereby it is advised to increase water intake to replenish the water levels in the body. Carrying a bottle of water even for the shortest distance will be applauded rather than laughed at.

Hydration does not only limit to drinking water but also includes hydration-induced skin care such as hydrating gels and moisturisers to keep the skin hydrated.

Hydration is summer
Dr Rachel Paul

Sunscreen supremacy

The contemporary beauty industry can also be called a sunscreen fan club going by its increasing popularity. Jokes apart, sunscreen today is a necessity, both indoors and outdoors. This multiply manifolds during the summer season because of the scorching heat emitted from the sun. 

Purchasing good quality sunscreen for the summer is a small investment made against a high return on investment. Ideally, SPF 35 and above is needed for the Indian summers. There are a plethora of options available in the market, and picking the right fit based on your requirements can be tricky but not impossible. Alternatively, one can also consult experts for better guidance. 


Exercise Exchange

The minute we think of the word exercise in summer, we are bound to think of sweaty t-shirts and clamped workout spaces. However, instead of avoiding physical activity, one can find substitutes to suit the season. 

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For instance, swimming is a great physical activity for the summer season. A few laps in the swimming pool will not only give you a chiselled physique but also help keep the body cool. Yoga and stretches are other workout routines that can be followed for the summer months to keep the body active. Meditation along with physical activity can help the body to be in tandem with the surrounding environment in a more composed manner.

Swimming-best workout during summers

Seasonal Stars

Mother Nature is the real OG when it comes to balance. Even before technological developments intervened with our lifestyle to offer comfort, mother nature has offered solace and comfort through seasonal produce. These offerings are in harmony with our bodily requirements as well as the external surroundings and thereby help in balancing better.

Seasonal fruits are a great way to keep the body temperature in check. Fruits like watermelon have rich water content and can be great for summer. Mangoes available in the summer months are a rich source of Vitamin C and fiber. Coconut water is yet another summer favourite of ours, which is absolutely desirable in the hot afternoons. 

Mango- Summer Seasonal Fruit
Panlasang Pinoy

In veganism my trust I Lay

Being vegan is the right way!

No, we are not preaching any way of life. However, it has been scientifically proven that having plant-based food first thing in the morning during summer can aid the body to a large extent. From a better gut and increased energy levels, plant-based food has many benefits when compared to meat-based food during the summer months. 

Danielle Brown is one of our favourite Instagram creator who works on innovative salad recipes.

Plant-based foods are light on the stomach and therefore a win-win during this time of the year. Also, having a fruit is the easiest thing ever with zero preparation time. 

Plant based food is good for summer

This being said, one shoe does not fit all. You have lived with yourself for the maximum number of years and so observing and understanding repetitive patterns can help you establish a routine tailor-made for your needs. You can also consult a doctor or an expert in this field to chart out what suits you the best. 

Summers can be harsh on the mental and physical well-being of individuals. On that account, it is important to take appropriate care to tackle the situation better.

Pro tips for those who stayed till the end.

Always carry an Umbrella wherever you go because

  • It will protect you from the sun’s merciless heat. (obviously, duh!)
  • They are super adorable. (Just saying!)

Stay tuned for more such fun reads!