WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, used by over 2 billion people in over 180 countries. Although the app offers a practical way to stay in touch with friends and family, it has also previously been targeted by a lot of hackers.

As a result of this, WhatsApp has now introduced new security features to better protect its users from hacking and other security hazards. In this blog post, we will explore these new security features and how they can help keep your account safe.

First off, they are adding a new registration check process when moving to another device. As you can see in the illustration given below, this new pop-up will now provide an additional degree of validation that you are the one who is logging in when you attempt to use WhatsApp on a new device.


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Account Protect

WhatsApp has implemented Two-Step Verification to ensure Secure login on new devices. From this point forward, as an additional security measure, the platform will prompt users to confirm that they want to take this step on their outdated device. This function can assist in notifying users of any unauthorized attempts to transfer their account to another device.

WhatsApp Device Verification

One of the biggest concerns to people’s security and privacy nowadays is mobile device malware, which can be used to gain access to your phone without your consent and utilize WhatsApp to send unwanted messages.

WhatsApp has implemented checks that will authenticate your account – without requiring any action from you – and better safeguard you in the case when your device is compromised in order to help prevent this. This allows users to continue using WhatsApp without interruption. Go into more detail by clicking here.

Automatic Security Codes

The security code verification tool, which helps users be sure that they are conversing with the person that they want to talk to, has always been available to WhatsApp’s most security-conscious users. And this can be manually verified by accessing the encryption tab found under a contact’s information.

Whatsapp is introducing a security feature based on “Key Transparency” that enables users to instantly confirm that they have a secure connection in order to make this procedure simpler and more accessible to everyone.

What this means is that users can click on the encryption tab and they will be able to verify right away that their personal conversation is secured. Those interested to know more about this update can click here.

Whatsapp is assisting users in securing their accounts with these three methods listed above. While there are many other things you can do to make security simple for everyone, these are the two features that can be enabled: Two-step authentication and the usage of end-to-end encrypted backups.

We hope users appreciate the improved safety that these improvements provide, and we also anticipate getting more upgrades soon.