Jungkook breathes and the internet goes crazy. Such is the fandom of this International artist. The BTS Golden Maknae is trending on social media once again as he shared a video of him grooving with American R&B singer Usher on TikTok yesterday. In a spectacular blend of cross-cultural beats, the global music sensations showcased their distinct dance prowess while dancing on the timeless 2004 hit, ‘Yeah!’ by Usher which featured Ludacris and Lil Jon.

Their fans did not see this coming and were pleasantly surprised. Both Jungkook and Usher’s moves have a fanbase extending to millions. That’s two generations of global artists coming together and breaking the internet. One user commented, “My fav with my daughter’s fav!! Love it ❤️” The video captured the harmonious fusion of their unique styles that resonated with fans worldwide.

Jungkook and Usher moved to the sound of the song and each displayed their own style and flavour. While Usher had a relaxed and stylish vibe, Jungkook on the other hand had charisma and a chill attitude. The video has garnered over 12 million views and 3 million likes on the micro-blogging platform.  Both artists are known not only for their dancing skills but also for their vocals.

BTS Jungkook Usher singers dance video TikTok Yeah!

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Jungkook x Usher

The two singers recently teamed up for a brand-new remix of Jungkook’s hit track “Standing Next to You,” which was dropped by BigHit Music on December 1, 2023. “The remix adds a velvet touch to the energetic vibe of the original version, showcasing the synergy between the two artists in full force,” BigHit Music said in a statement. They synchronized their steps to perfection.

Standing Next To You is the title track of Jungkook’s debut album as a soloist GOLDEN which was unveiled on November 3, 2023. The album features 11 tracks and includes his previous successful releases, Seven featuring Latto and 3D featuring Jack Harlow. Since then, the idol has been releasing several remixes of his debut album’s songs. He also collaborated with Major Lazer and DJ Snake on tracks. 

Usher shared an Instagram post announcing the Standing Next to You remix with Jungkook, he also shared some pictures featuring the duo standing together, igniting rumours that they will also release a performance video. Jungkook had captioned his video “#StayTuned,” piquing fans’ curiosity about what the duo could have in store next.

The Original

Jungkook had released his original rendition of ‘Standing Next To You’ on November 3, 2023. It is a modern interpretation of old-school sounds from the disco-funk genre. The song expresses the determination of a couple to face challenges together because their love is stronger than anything else.

Internet Reacts

As fans from all corners of the globe celebrate this unexpected musical fusion, the burning question on everyone’s mind remains: What groundbreaking project lies ahead? They raved at Jungkook and Usher’s synergy and appreciated their grooves. “OMG JUNGKOOK” has been trending on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) as fans complimented the idol’s dance and new look. 

Jungkook became the talk of the town as netizens continued to gush over his new clip. Viewers also complimented the idol for his new hairstyle and expressions in the TikTok video. Many eagle-eyed fans also observed that he did not have any piercings and took it as a sign that he would be joining the military soon. The BTS singer had announced last month that he would enlist in the South Korean military in December alongside Kim Namjoon, Kim Taehyung, and Jimin.

A starstruck fan wrote, “OHMYGOD JUNGKOOK AND USHER DID THE YEAH DANCE TOGETHER STOP MY JAW IS ON THE FLOOR 😮‍💨🔥” Another X user posted, “jungkook about his piercings (& tattoos): ‘i like doing extreme things’, ‘bc how i look is not too extreme..’, ‘since my looks are not so sharp..but round.’ okay love” Viewers are fangirling to another level, one said, “OMG 😍😍😍 look at me blushing This is sooooo cute!! Jungkook and Usher ❤️❤️

Standing Next to You (Usher Remix) is currently dominating the charts, debuting on the Spotify counter with over 1,090,850 streams. This collaboration has left music enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this international musical alliance. The global music scene is undoubtedly in for a treat, and fans as well as we can hardly contain their excitement!