Instagram Reels feature is a gift to the digital world. Undeniably it is also the most successful venture Instagram has come up with. Everyday millions of reels are uploaded on the app giving people enough content for one lifetime. The sole beauty of reels lies in the fact that they cater the interests of people across all genres. To be able to entertain an enormous audience in under 30seconds is a skill possessed by a few, so we bring to you a few distinct reel creators whose (reelatable) content is definitely worth a watch!

  • Khaby Lame (@khaby00)

If there is one thing that tickles the funny bone of people it is sarcasm. Khaby Lame is all about that. Picking out internet hacks and making sensible yet sarcastic content out of it is Khaby’s patent. If you don’t believe us then here give it a watch yourself:

  • Muskan Ranka (@spread_the_muskan)

Muskan Ranka is what happens when viral trends meet sarcasm tossed in relatable daily life affairs. Muskan who originally started making content on IGTV through her ‘Let’s Talk’ series gained popularity with her hilarious takes on current affairs during the 2020 lockdown period. Her username itself justifies what she stands for which is to spread a smile.

  • Amulya Prabhu (@laughingbuddhi)

Amulya Prabhu can be credited with one of the funniest usernames an Instagram user has ever had. Much like her username her content too is equally hilarious (perhaps even more). Amulya is what you get when you fuse amusing instances with relatability (oh wait reelatibility). We would’ve written more about her content but then you wouldn’t watch it so here watch (We are still trying to get over this humorous username):

  • Jay Kapoor (@jaykapoor.24)

Who doesn’t love facts? Turning to the last page of a new classmate notebook to read facts is a practice etched in the hearts and minds of Indians. If you love facts then Jay Kapoor is the creator to follow. Full of thoughts, intellect and information, Jay is among the coming of age creators making infotainment reels. His content is worth watching and That’s A FACT!

  • Vineet Singh (

There are only 7 notes but a billion melodies and when these melodies strike Vineet Singh’s tabla, magic is what happens! Vineet has banged his way melodiously in the reels space. We could go on about his music but it better you hear him out yourself: