Since the advent of Instagram Shop, small businesses are quickly rising on the platform. You will see so many creative and unique businesses on Instagram that will instantly charm you. But most of them being at a growing stage creates hesitation within consumers whether to buy from these small businesses or not. It’s all about authenticity and big brands nowadays. To negate such doubts and to support small businesses, creators are stepping up! Instagram too isn’t far behind to do its best. To help out, Instagram had previously launched the “Support Small Business” sticker in Stories, so that users can give a shoutout to these small businesses!  

Are you ready to know the four creators who support small Instagram businesses? Let’s take a look!

1. Aashna Hegde

As gorgeous as Aashna Hegde is, she’s equally compassionate. She has 992K followers on Instagram and 765K subscribers on YouTube. On August 4, 2021, she shared a YouTube vlog talking about her favourite jewellery brands on Instagram, and mind you, they are all small businesses! The brands mentioned in the video are Krunaa, Fanauraa, Horizinn, Clay Crumble, The Dainty Box, Rue Handmade, Kiri Kiri, GVZ High, MDN by Asmita, and Wild Child Jewels.

2. Ritvi Shah

With creativity in her veins, the fashionista Ritvi always comes up with out-of-the-box ideas to entertain others. Be it interesting Instagram Story art or content, she’s always up for unique ideas! On Instagram, she has 89.8K followers.

You will often see her wearing products from small businesses in her content. Be it accessories, makeup, dress, bags, or shoes, she loves to try ‘em out! Whatever she wears, she makes sure to tag the brands in her Post and Stories. What’s impressive is that she has highlighted all the Stories related to small businesses on her Instagram profile as #SmallBizSunday!

Not only that, she encourages artists too. Whenever any artist illustrates her, she makes sure to share it on her Story as well as keep it as her DP too. To give credit, she also mentions the artist’s name in her Instagram bio. Now tell me, how can we not love her? She’s just so amazing!

3. Komal Pandey

Whenever we think of an inspiring fashion icon, Komal Pandey is always at the tip of our tongue! Am I right or am I right? She loves to experiment and doesn’t shy away from being BOLD. The daring influencer has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 983K subscribers on YouTube. I don’t know if you have noticed, but most of her outfits and accessories are from the small businesses on Instagram. To support them, she either mentions them in her Posts or puts up separate Stories.

4. Agasthya Shah

Agasthya Shah, known for making crazy hilarious content has 381K followers on Instagram and 185K subscribers on YouTube. If you’re finding inspo for artsy and athleisure fits, keep a lookout for his snaps! He supports small businesses by mentioning them in Instagram Stories.

So, won’t you agree that these four creators are awesome? Not only are their content A-grade but they are all up for supporting small biz! Let’s shower them with lots of love and well wishes! Also, don’t forget to support small businesses!