Creator Anirudh Sharma released his first music album’s intro, ‘MY LIFE IN VOICE MEMOS’ on August 10, 2021. His life has been full of ups and downs, but what matters is that he didn’t give up. From being a digital creator to a singer, Anirudh has come a long way.


Currently, it has gained over 37K views and 8.1K likes on YouTube. Here’s what Anirudh stated on his YouTube channel, “Being a small-town teenage boy who was trapped in his head battling insecurities imposed by judgments of people and confined by personal limitations, holding me back from accomplishing my greatest potential to breaking free and unleashing the demons in my head. I bade bye to that version of me and here I am presenting you guys this album- “MY LIFE IN VOICE MEMOS” Music has perpetually been my solace and now, a medium to express the galaxies of notions in my head. This album is an amalgamation of songs of different genres that reveal every facet of myself and what I aspire to give out to this world. This album is dedicated to the ones who are puppets to the voice that dominates your fear and imprisons you from chasing your dreams.”

Apart from being the Music Producer, Abhishek Saxena was also behind mixing and mastering. It was directed by Anirudh under his own production house, A.S. Vision. The whole project was managed by Tushar Agarwal. Abhishek Kini did the editing and Darsh Nishar created the thumbnail.

Until now, Anirudh has released three great songs, which are ‘You Are Mine’, ‘Dil Ki Baatein’, and ‘Kaise Kahu’. Now, let’s talk about his fan following! On Instagram, he has 1 million followers and on YouTube, he has 92.4K subscribers. Day-by-day, he’s growing and he will soon touch the sky with his success! Soon, he’s going to drop his first track from the music album. Till then, know more about his previous song by checking out Anirudh Sharma’s ‘Kaise Kahu’ Featuring Mrunal Panchal Trending #36 On YouTube.