We seek inspiration every day- to do the daily chores, achieve goals, complete tasks on deadlines, and even think. There are loads of motivational quotes and speakers talking about how to get going and never stop. How much of that do we honestly follow and implement. However, there are certain takeaways that tend to stay with us for a longer time when imparted in an inquisitive manner.

Himeesh Madaan is one of the YouTubers who has built his 6 million subscriber army purely on the popularity and reach of his content. With specialization in areas like Communication Skills, Team Building, Behavioural Skills, Employability Skills, Leadership Skills, and Interpersonal Skills, et al, Madaan has been perpetually uploading videos that aim to convey the need of the hour for many.

From providing effective communication tips, solutions to the ultimate ‘confusion’ quotient in life, pathway to success, motivational thinking to creating long-form content on an array of topics like games that improve your thinking game. The kind of versatility that he brings to the table with his speech and vocal balance. Madaan makes it a point to talk about varied topics that bother the young and old of today. Not only does he highlights the criticalities that are of concern but also ensures to relay solutions and tips to overcome and solve them.

In order to reach a wider target audience base, Madaan keeps his language flow primarily in Hindi and English sometimes. Very few know that the creator began his professional journey in sales with a travel company and ultimately leveraged his intelligence in weaving content for a million viewers. Currently, he can be seen sharing videos around motivational content on Mind Power, Happiness, Digital Growth, Video Influencing, Personal Finance.

These 10 Youtube shorts by Himeesh Madaan serve as a quick guide to enhance your communication skillset, money-saving schemes, the key difference between hard work and smart work, his personal learning, and more.

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In other news, on MOJ, a short-form video app, Madaan will be sharing a powerful dose of motivation and knowledge in short videos with his growing follower base. He aims to reach masses with daily content which keeps them happy and inspires them to take action.