On the occasion of National Youth Day, Yuvaa launched its first original podcast, “Main Hoon Yuvaa”. Main Hoon Yuvaa is a weekly podcast that listens to the hopes, dreams, aspirations, perspectives, opinions, struggles, and stories of India’s Gen Z Yuvaa, who form the largest population of youth in the world.

The representation of Indian GenZ’s aspirations, interests, and voices remains low in decision-making processes across all national and state governments, despite occupying 27% of India’s population. To address this gap, Main Hoon Yuvaa podcast provides a platform for young people from diverse backgrounds.

They share their stories and voice their opinions on the urgent issues that affect the youth like mental health, feminism, LGBTQIA+ rights, Islamophobia, caste discrimination, body shaming, and many more.

Through an interactive format, the podcast understands the stories and ideas of GenZ and amplifies them across Yuvaa’s community of over 4 lakh users across Instagram and Youtube.

Hosted by Nikhil Taneja, the podcast tries to make young people feel less alone by making them feel more heard, seen, and represented. Taneja is a Mumbai-based writer, producer, storyteller, teacher, and mental health advocate,The weekly podcast will have guests from all backgrounds, communities, regions, castes, and economic backgrounds. Hence, it aims to truly be representative of India’s Gen Z ‘Yuvaa’ and build community and empathy among young listeners.

Speaking on the launch of the podcast, Nikhil Taneja, Co-Founder, and CEO, Yuvaa said, “In a world where every young person has something to say, Yuvaa was started to be a platform that listens to their voices and stories. For the last three years, through our various online and offline initiatives, Yuvaa has created several safe spaces for young people to express themselves without judgment.

The podcast, Main Hoon Yuvaa, is one more step in that direction of amplifying the voices of India’s incredible youth, who need to be given the respect of being heard.”

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Additionally, Yuvaa’s endeavour has been to bring the voices of the youth to the forefront by leveraging the power of storytelling and entertainment. The Main Hoon Yuvaa podcast is an effort by the company to engage with and empower young Indians by giving a platform to their stories. So policymakers, non-profits, and even brands can understand them better.

The three pilot episodes are already live and can be heard on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Jio Saavn, Amazon, and Apple Podcasts. They feature 18-year-old Anjali Surana (menstrual hygiene activist), 19-year-old Agasthya Shah (content creator), and pandemic hero Harteerath Singh (Community Director at Hemkunt Foundation). The upcoming guests include journalist Fatima Khan, entrepreneur Navya Nanda and anti-caste activist Srishty Ranjan.