YouTuber Angry Prash has released Aladdin – part 2 after 9 long months. Angry Prash, one of India’s leading animated content creators on YouTube whose identity remains unknown, released the video on 02nd April 2022 and has received 1.7 million views and 9,621 comments in 4 days! Prash’s Aladdin series revolves around the classic story of Aladdin but with a twist.

The YouTuber has taken inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series in part two of the three-part series. This video also showcases the high-quality animation created by Prash and his team of animators. 

Angry Prash is India’s premier animation YouTuber who has created a unique world using a simple tool, MS Paint, and his extraordinary talent. Today, Angry Prash has more than 5.75 million subscribers on YouTube and 800K+ followers on Instagram.

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Angry Prash has recreated  Aladdin as a series which has been popularly known as Aladdin – The Magic Bottle which is part one and has got 5.5M viewership on Youtube, part two Aladdin -Pirates of Arabian Sea came after a gap of nine months on high public demand and has 1.6M in 3 days of the release.