YouTube is expanding its Creator Music feature, which lets creators pay for music licensing in-stream, and it’s also introducing the ability to highlight products during live streams on mobile apps.

First, let’s talk about creator music! Since many users can’t afford the price of music licensing on YouTube, the platform is introducing a new licensing system that will let artists filter license duration as well as price.

By doing so, creators will be able to lower licensing fees based on limited usage, which can provide you with more opportunities to incorporate excellent music into the content you create. In order to highlight which tracks are eligible for revenue sharing, YouTube has also incorporated some new icons within the Creator Music listings.

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The additions will increase this component’s capacity for cost management, potentially increasing the number of users who have access to YouTube’s commercial music options.

Additionally, YouTube plans to improve its Shorts analytics by introducing a new Data Story element that will highlight the contribution of Shorts content to channel growth. Last October, YouTube introduced Data Stories, a new type of full-screen card that highlights key aspects of analytics.

New Creator Music

Finally, YouTube is expanding the mobile app’s ability to tag and pin objects within live streams. Up to now, creators have only been able to pin products to live streams via Live Control Room on desktop, but soon, creators will have more capacity to control live shopping components on mobile devices as well.

YouTube Unveils New Creator Music

Like all platforms, YouTube hasn’t seen a lot of interest in its live shopping options up to this point, but it’s still optimistic that this feature will take off and grow in importance, opening up more opportunities for the platform and its creators to monetize their content.

YouTube also announced scheduled product drops for live streams earlier this month. Several intriguing upgrades could be useful for a wide range of brands. You can learn more about YouTube’s latest announcements here.