Since its initial launch in 2005 and acquisition by Google just one year later, YouTube has evolved from an archive of amateur videos to the world’s second most-visited website. YouTube, with around 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, represents a growing demand for digital video content among internet users. These figures only serve to show that there is something for everyone on YouTube. And if that number piqued your interest, we’ve got you covered with 30 more YouTube statistics to power your marketing strategy in 2023.

YouTube user statistics

  1. YouTube is home to billions of monthly active users.

YouTube boasts over 2 billion monthly active users, which makes it reasonable to assume that it has a diverse user base. This allows you to connect your business with your desired target audience.

  1. People aged between 15 and 35 hold a lion’s share of YouTube’s user count.

YouTube has 77% of internet users between the ages of 15 and 35, so its popularity with Gen Z seems only logical. Aside from that, 73% of users have an age range of 36–45, 70% are aged 46–55, and 67% are aged 56+.

  1. India accounts for the largest YouTube audience.

With an estimated reach of 467 million users, India has by far the largest YouTube audience. The statistics are followed by 246 million US users and 142 million users from Brazil.

  1. English and Spanish are two of the most popular languages on YouTube.

English accounts for more than half (66%) of the content created by YouTube’s top 250 channels. The statistics are followed by Spanish (15%) and Portuguese (7%).

YouTube Marketing Strategy YouTube Creators

  1. YouTube users have a greater probability of being college graduates.

According to a Nielsen study commissioned by Google, YouTube users are more likely to be college educated in comparison with the general population.

  1. The majority of YouTube users are men.

About 40.4% of global YouTube users are male, whereas 33.4% are female.

  1. YouTube users spend an average of 19 minutes per day on the site.

Well, that is quite a lot of time to spend watching videos online. This ensures that you get the engagement you desire.

  1. Nearly all YouTube users also use other social media sites.

Since 99% of YouTube users use other social media platforms, you should avoid posting repeated content on multiple social media platforms.

  1. YouTube users are found in over 100 countries.

Localised versions of YouTube exist in over 100 countries and are available in over 80 languages.

  1. Six out of eight people opt for online video platforms over live television.

People might be watching less television; however, they are not watching less video content. According to Google, 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos online over watching live TV. As TV usage goes down, online video streaming increases year after year. So, start planning your strategy and incorporating video content now!

  1. 90% of users say YouTube is where they find new companies and products.

Video is becoming an increasingly popular tool for spreading the word about your brand. Though it does not guarantee that someone will purchase what you have to offer, it will help get your name noticed by others.

  1. YouTube users are three times more likely to watch tutorials instead of reading instructions.

YouTube has grown in popularity as a resource for learning how to use different products. YouTube users are 3X more likely to watch a tutorial than they are to read instructions.

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Statistics on YouTube usage

  1. YouTube shorts receive over 30 billion views every single day.

YouTube Shorts has had about 1.5 million active users since its launch in 2021. It garners over 50 billion daily views.

  1. TV is the quickest-growing screen size on YouTube.

Viewers can now enjoy YouTube content outside of the restrictions of a laptop thanks to linked smart home gadgets. The number of people watching YouTube on television has doubled over time.

  1. Every day, people watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube content.

YouTube, in addition to having an extensive user base, has a highly engaged one, with more than a billion hours of video material seen every single day.

  1. YouTube is the world’s second-most popular website.

You won’t be surprised to know this: YouTube is not the second-most-viewed website globally but is the third-largest search engine.

YouTube Marketing Strategies

  1. Mobile users browse twice as many YouTube pages as desktop users.

Mobile phone users are having the time of their lives watching videos of interest, with an average of 4.63 pages visited via the YouTube app compared to merely 2.84 pages per visit via the desktop.

  1. Music is extremely popular on YouTube.

With “songs” being the most searched query on YouTube and T-Series being the most popular YouTube channel with 242 million subscribers, music is definitely on the winning side.

  1. YouTube is a thriving platform for gaming content.

Did you know that YouTube Gaming Live generated a total of 1.17 billion hours of content in the 3rd quarter of 2022? This shows how strong the gaming community is on YouTube.

Statistics on YouTube Ads

  1. YouTube generated $29.24 billion in global ad revenue in 2022.

When it comes to putting out ads, YouTube would be your best bet! Its statistics show that it is among the most promising platforms for brand advertising.

  1. YouTube ads are more relevant to viewers than traditional TV advertising.

YouTube’s targeted advertising capabilities provide the end user with a highly personalised experience. A 2022 study found that 59% of respondents believe YouTube ads are more relevant than ads on traditional television or other streaming apps.

  1. YouTube advertisements have the potential to reach 2.56 billion people.

With the potential to reach about 2.56 billion people, you are blessed with an opportunity to reach billions to spread brand awareness.

Statistics on YouTube Marketing

  1. The top four YouTube categories are comedy, entertainment, music, and “how-to.”

According to Google, these categories are most watched by YouTube users. So, next time you plan your strategy, add some music, humour, or a tutorial to the content you post.

  1. 68% of the YouTube videos on the first page are in HD.

According to Backlinko’s analysis of 1.3 million YouTube videos, 68% of those that rank on the first page of YouTube are in HD.

  1. On average, videos ranking on YouTube’s first page have over 4,000 comments.

As a marketer, you must focus on maximising the number of comments by responding to them and engaging with the audience.

  1. Global YouTube influencer marketing is on the rise.

The worldwide YouTube influencer marketing market was worth 5.5 billion US dollars in 2019.

  1. YouTube is the fourth-most valuable social media platform among B2B marketers.

YouTube is the third-most valuable social media platform for B2B marketers, according to Clutch and Smart Insights. This makes it imperative for you to market your brand on YouTube.

  1. Over-tagging carries a penalty.

If a YouTube video or playlist has over sixty tags, every hashtag on that content will be disregarded, according to Google’s Help Centre. So, don’t overdo it!

Statistics on YouTube Sponsored Videos

  1. Spending on sponsored video content on YouTube increased.

The amount spent on sponsored content on YouTube was approximately 1.4 billion dollars within the initial three months of 2020. Based on progress from the year before, spending is anticipated to rise to 6.6 billion US dollars by the end of 2020.

  1. Over 75% of Fortune 500 executives watch videos.

According to Forbes, more than 75% of Fortune 500 executives watch videos. As a result, YouTube is an excellent tool to reach and interact with your target audience.

Any network-specific social media marketing strategy is built on demographics and trends in usage. Incorporate these YouTube statistics with your channel-specific metrics to map out a strategy for success in 2023. We hope you liked the content above. Stay tuned for more interesting information on trends and everything social media.