YouTube Music is a music application by YouTube that lets you play the music of your choice and makes you a playlist as well. After making it easy to “Save” your queue as a playlist, YouTube Music’s Up next is testing suggestion chips to filter what appears.

Just below the bar noting what radio you’re playing from, there’s a carousel of filters that you can tap to customize with plays next in Up next. “All” is the default and joined by “Familiar,” “Recommendation,” and “Instrumental.” The filter pills vary by song and they only mention it appearing for radio-generated queues.

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This will let you find more songs to listen to without having to browse the Home feed. That can be ideal when your current radio queue is great, but you want more variety. Alternatively, if what’s in Up next is bad, there’s now a way to quickly find something more familiar.

Overall, it lets people stay in the Now Playing UI, which is the fastest way to start another song. This view is getting slightly more busy and cluttered, but it’s still pretty straightforward.

Another update that has come up is that opening the Account menu triggers a pop-up (thus preserving navigation context) instead of the fullscreen page found on phones. Settings now makes use of a two-column UI that’s pretty standard across first-party Android apps: Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and more. The actual controls appear on the right, while the list of what’s available remains on the left.

By this, you will no longer get one long list of toggles and menus but rather preferences that are thematically grouped: General, Playback, Data saving, Downloads & storage, Notifications, Privacy & location, Recommendations, Paid memberships, and About YouTube Music. The settings shortcut in the Library page opens preferences to the correct menu.

As the music app updates itself, let’s look forward to what more is going to come from other music applications.