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According to the Official YouTube blog, with the addition of new “Primetime Channels” in the app, users will be able to sign up for various streaming subscription packages and watch shows and movies from a range of providers, including Showtime, Starz, Paramount+, and more, all directly in the app.

YouTube is looking to lean further into this shift as many users have already replaced TV as their primary entertainment option.

The new content will be included in the user’s YouTube experience once they sign up for their preferred Primetime Channels, with dedicated displays highlighting your increasing viewing possibilities.

Primetime Channels

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As you can see in this illustration, each new channel and stream will have a Disney+ feel to it while also including cast interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, and trailers for your favorite series, giving you a variety of alternatives.

As explained by YouTube: “Primetime Channels adds even more content that you just can’t miss to our collection of thousands of movies and shows available for rent or purchase, or for free with ads.

Choosing between sci-fi or horror? Well, we got both options covered with the Paramount+ Original Star Trek: Picard and Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire on AMC+.

Are you itching to see Spider-Man: No Way Home for the hundredth time? We have that too through STARZ.

The bundle builds on YouTube’s extended TV packages, which, as already mentioned, will help solidify YouTube as a leading entertainment source for many consumers.

The popularity of connected TV, which allows users to watch YouTube videos on their home TVs, effectively gives businesses access to TV-like ad possibilities at lower costs and with greater targeting.

Additionally, while TV advertisements have traditionally been thought of as the best option for increasing brand awareness, as more people transition to digital channels, that may no longer be the case. This adds another factor to your decision-making process.