According to the Official YouTube Blog, YouTube is launching new products that will enable users to dive deep into the topics they are interested in, and creators to offer structured educational content.

People visit YouTube every day in search of new information. People use YouTube to fill their lives with new knowledge, whether studying a foreign language, finding assistance with school assignments, or investigating alternative careers.

Introducing Players for Education

YouTube is introducing Player for Education, a new YouTube embedded player that displays content on widely used education apps without interruptions like ads, external links, or recommendations, to enhance the YouTube experience in learning environments.

To begin with, YouTube is collaborating with reputable Edtech-based businesses in the United States, such as EDpuzzle, Purdue University, and Purdue Global.

For an even better YouTube experience, YouTube Player for Education will enhance the current YouTube embedded player in Google Classroom.

structured educational content

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Making learning more interactive on YouTube

Next year, qualified creators will be able to launch paid or free Courses to offer viewers in-depth, structured learning experiences.

The video can be played in the background and is ad-free for viewers who choose to purchase a Course. Before being made available in more nations, courses will first launch in BETA in the US and South Korea.

YouTube is introducing Quizzes, and it’s a new way for creators to assist viewers in testing their knowledge, helping learners apply what they’ve learned.

structured educational content

For instance, a math creator who just published a series on algebra can make a quiz on the Community tab to pose a question to their audience about a concept covered in the most recent of their videos.

All creators who have the Community tab will have access to Quizzes by the end of the following months after it launches in BETA.