According to the YouTube Official Blog, the platform is welcoming the month of June with an exciting update: a new set of Pride-infused emote reactions that users will soon be able to send in YouTube comments and live chats. These emote aim to celebrate and honor LGBTQIA+ communities around the world, and their creation involved extensive research and design collaborations with individuals deeply connected to these communities.

In the blog post, YouTube explains that these Pride emotes reactions are more than just a corporate gesture for Pride Month. They reflect years of dedicated work, research, and collaboration to ensure they authentically represent the experiences and desires of the LGBTQIA+ communities that they celebrate.

 YouTube Official Blog - pride
Image credit: YouTube Official Blog

To provide further context, the blog post emphasizes the distinction between emotes and emojis. While emojis are widely recognized pictograms that follow the Unicode standard, emotes have a more extensive history rooted in text-based representations of facial expressions.

This distinction between emotes and emojis also means that the availability and appearance of emotes can vary depending on the platform or application being used. For instance, certain emotes may be unique to YouTube and not found in the standard Unicode emoji sets.

The evolution of emotes has seen the incorporation of pictograms alongside text-based representations, expanding their expressive capabilities. This amalgamation of textual and visual elements allows emotes to convey complex emotions and nuanced reactions in a concise manner.

YouTube emotes
Example of YouTube’s new Pride emotes, usable in comments and live chat across YouTube!

YouTube has had the privilege of joining forces with two remarkable artists, Mia Saine, and Wednesday Holmes, to craft their Pride emote set. With both artists identifying as queer, their impressive portfolios already boasted designs that shine a spotlight on underrepresented communities and passionately advocate for social justice causes.

With its vibrant designs and inclusive spirit, this collection stands as a testament to the power of art in promoting acceptance and celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community. Let these emotes serve as a reminder of the beauty that emerges when diverse voices are uplifted and celebrated. Together, let us continue to foster a world where love, inclusivity, and creativity thrive.