Tic Tac is not just a refreshment but an emotion. An entry ticket to the cool kids club, Tic Tac is the reason behind many friendships today because of its ability to start a conversation. Yashraj Mukhate became the knight in shining armour with his peppy music during the pandemic. His anthems were shared everywhere, I swear I received one on my family WhatsApp group, and he was ruling the charts and the hearts.

Yashraj Mukhate-Tic Tac Collaboration
Telly Gupshup

With the iconic rattle sound that can be identified from a distance, Tic Tac always drew attention. Not just with the pack, but their tagline ‘refreshment to be shared’ has also been very famous, right on the tip of the tongue. The tagline became synonymous with refreshments in general and people were often found quoting it to ask ‘gum’ from a friend. 

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This time Tic Tac has taken advertisement to another level by roping in the Internet sensation who is known to make music out of the most ordinary things. His beat, his rhythm and his conceptualisation are all unique. His ‘Rasoda’ and ‘Pwari Ho Rahi hai’ harmonies became viral and soon were turned into party anthems. 

Tic Tac, the confectionery brand of the Ferrero Group has collaborated with Yashraj Mukhate to create an anthem for their Digital Influencer campaign under #TicTacLife. The brand has always been known to target youth and has taken a keen interest to build its image.

What better way to get the attention of GenZ than give them a groovy number from their favourite artist?

The video opens with a rather bored Yashraj who is seen yawning and soon he lays his hand on the pack of Tic Tac, the rattling sound gets to him. With this sound, he has created a fun beat to a wonderful musical rendition. We have already listened to it a couple of times and we cannot get enough of it. The musical composition is so refreshing, no wonder it is used for a refreshment brand. 

Zoher Kapuswala the marketing head of pills and gums, at Ferrero India Group, commented about the campaign saying, “Tic Tac has always been a ‘Youth-first’ brand, keeping the Consumer at Heart of all its endeavours. Keeping pace with Gen Z and their passion for Music and Fun, we leveraged the magical combination of the viral music sensation-Yashraj Mukhate’s aptitude and the Brand’s iconic rattle sound to create an engaging and exciting symphony that inspires everyone towards a refreshing transformation from boredom to fun-filled moments,”

Yashraj Mukhate on the other hand expresses his happiness about working with a well-known product like Tic-Tac while doing something he loves to do and is very good at. He said, “I am looking forward to collaborate with Tic Tac on its new digital campaign #TicTacLife. Playing with interesting sounds has been a running theme on my profile and the amazing rattle sound of the Tic Tac box has given me the inspiration to make this refreshing jingle. I encourage everyone to join me in living the Tic Tac life and break out of the dull day-to-day boredom.”

The clarity of thought at the marketing end is surely reflected in the campaign jingle which is groovy catering to its exact audience. Collaborating with Yashraj Mukhate can also be the key to making this digital campaign viral. Though the verdict on the success of this digital campaign can only be given in a few days’ time, we are surely tapping our feet to it.