The thing with words is they often fail you when you have the most to stay. Thanks to writers and poets, one can borrow their words to express what they feel. One artist who rose to prominence for telling exactly our heart’s desire but better is Yahya Bootwala. ‘Shayad woh pyaar nahi’ spoken word poet who became a household name, has once again surprised the world by dropping bombs in the form of wedding pictures.

The Secret Wedding 

Yahya Bootwala, the heartthrob of millions and an internet sensation, has always kept his personal life away from the prying eyes of social media. He shared little to nothing on his social media account. Thereby, when he shared pictures from his wedding, with any prior information, they came as a surprise.

Yahya shared a beautiful picture with his wife, Khadija from the wedding. The newlywed looked extremely happy and deeply in love. He captioned the photo, “Same story, new chapter ✨ Bas pyaar aur dua karte raho

Yahya Bootwala Wedding pictures on Instagram

The Bride and Groom

We are here for couples who twin on their big day; Yahya and Khadija took the twinning game to a whole new level—wearing a pastel blue sherwani with a traditional pagdi, looking like a Nawaab from the regal era. The intricate golden embroidery on the sherwani stole the show for us.

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Khadija on the other hand opted for an aqua blue lehenga in a similar hue of blues. She added an oomph factor with a contrasting pink colour dupatta that she draped beautifully, looking like a Queen. She complimented the fit with diamond minimalistic jewellery. 

The couple definitely looked straight from the king and queen era who were there to get their portraits painted that would go down in history. Not only the wedding, but Yahya shared a series of photos from his wedding festivities and we have loved each one of them with all our heart. 

The Renowned Poet

Yahya Bootwala is a spoken word poet who is best known for his ‘Shayad Woh Pyaar Nahi’ rendition that made its way to our Facebook feeds and WhatsApp chats. His other popular works include Cycle, Sheher Ya Tum, Main Likhunga Tere Baare Mein and many more.

The most stand-out thing about him was his choice of words. He spoke like how we speak and his poetry is easily understandable by the masses. His enigmatic screen presence also added to his charm.

Yahya Bootwala and Khadija share wedding pictures on Instagram

As Yahya and Khadija embark on this new chapter in life, we wish them both all the love and happiness in the world. We hope their lives are filled with moments that will bring them the utmost joy.