• X, in its latest updates, introduced audio and video calling.
  • User will not have to share their number to avail the update.
  • The new update will be made available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.
  • The platform now also allows users to swipe and reply to a specific message on DMs.
  • The swipe feature is available for non-paying users as well.

Since its rebranding, X, formerly known as Twitter, has been on a mission to redefine its platform and transform it into a super app that offers a wide array of services. Recently, new updates for the app have been announced, including the introduction of audio-video calling capabilities and a user-friendly swipe-to-reply feature, both of which are aimed at enhancing the user experience and making it a one-stop destination for various digital interactions.

X to become a super app with new updates


Audio-Video Calling: Bringing Communication to the Forefront

Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur behind X’s transformation, recently unveiled plans to introduce audio and video calling features on the platform. This addition marks a significant step towards making the app a comprehensive communication hub.

The audio-video calling functionality is expected to be compatible with a range of platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. What sets it apart is the elimination of the need for users to share their phone numbers, as the social media portal will act as an “effective global address book.” This innovation allows users to initiate calls simply by looking up each other’s usernames, streamlining the communication process.

While X’s audience reach may be smaller compared to giants like Facebook and WhatsApp, Musk believes that it can provide a superior contact platform for direct calls due to its vast user base. Although it’s worth noting that these calls won’t initially be encrypted, they still represent a major leap in its capabilities.

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This move towards audio-video calls is in line with Musk’s overarching vision of transforming the social media platform into a super app that caters to a wide range of user needs. The introduction of these communication features is set to give it a unique edge in the competitive social media landscape.

Swipe Messages: Streamlining Conversations

In addition to audio-video calling, the app has introduced a user-friendly feature called swipe-to-reply within its direct messaging (DM) interface. This enhancement simplifies the process of responding to messages within a chat.

With the ability to swipe right on any message in a DM chain to directly reply to it, users can now engage in more fluid and efficient conversations. This feature builds upon a previous update that allowed users to reply directly to specific messages within a DM thread. The combination of these features enhances the overall functionality of the DM platform.

However, the app has not limited users to this new method of replying. They can still provide general replies by typing responses into the text bubble at the bottom of the screen, offering flexibility in their communication approach. This addition is part of X’s broader effort to make DMs a central focus of the platform.

Surprisingly, the new update of swipe-to-reply feature is being extended to non-paying users, despite prioritising messages from verified users and offering encrypted DMs to verified subscribers. This inclusivity demonstrates its commitment to providing valuable features to its entire user base.

X’s Evolution into a Super App

X’s journey to becoming a super app is marked by these recent developments in audio-video calling and swipe messages. By expanding its range of features and functionalities, it is positioning itself to offer users a comprehensive digital experience. The introduction of new updates like audio-video calls will make the platform a powerful communication tool, while the swipe-to-reply feature enhances the convenience of DM interactions.

X rolls out new updates

As the social media giant continues to evolve and innovate, it’s clear that Elon Musk and his team are determined to make it a standout platform that caters to the diverse needs of its user base. While challenges may lie ahead, its efforts to become a super app are poised to reshape the landscape of social media engagement and digital communication. With new updates rolling out at lightening fast speed, we are sure the app is climbing up the ladders in terms of popularity.