Pictures do speak a thousand words. This art of capturing light and preserving precious moments is just beautiful. Taking a picture is like freezing a moment in time forever. And that emotion is what we celebrate today on World Photography Day. 19th August is a day dedicated annually, to recognise and appreciate the incredible power that photographs hold in shaping our understanding of the world around us. From stunning landscapes to intimate portraits, from iconic events to everyday moments, photographs have the capability to bring a memory to life.

Photography allows us to see the world through the eyes of others. It provides a glimpse into different cultures, experiences, moments, and the stories behind them. And today is a day to celebrate the photographers who have dedicated their lives to capturing such unique moments and telling these stories. And one such photographer is Amit Khanna, who captures celebrities at their best.

amit khanna photographer celebrity photography day

He is the man behind many of the celebrity photo shoots you see on their social media profiles and also on various magazine covers. From the Indian film industry stars to International artists, Amit’s talent shines through every project of his. And when it comes to capturing our favourite celebrities, Amit is turning out to be one of the best photographers out there.

From capturing Aaora, a sensational K-Pop singer to capturing the lovely couples, DeepikaRanveer and AmritaRJ Anmol to shooting for a Face Magazine cover with record-breaking singers Rema and CKay, Amit has been killing it and only growing bigger as an artist.

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The Social Nation team got the chance to chat with Amit Khanna and deep-dive into his passion for the profession and the world of celebrity photography.

What made you decide to take up photography as a full-time profession?

Photography was a hobby since childhood, I was more into writing and direction and did manage to land up with a few projects. However, it was in 2012 when a dear friend, supermodel Iris Maity, pushed me towards photography as she felt I was good at capturing people. Within a few months of talking up the profession, I found it extremely satisfying creatively as well as financially. Bringing out the best in people made me feel great and hence the journey began.

amit khanna celebrity photographer camera capture photography

What skills do you believe are essential for capturing the essence of a celebrity’s personality through your lens?

I think, individuality. I truly believe that every person has a unique identity, and it’s important to understand that. We have to let them be themselves because that’s what makes them stand out. Similarly, every photographer should aim at creating their own style. However, it is important that the celebrity is extremely comfortable with you, they trust your vision and the final picture is an outcome of sheer teamwork.

How do you make someone who is camera-shy, more comfortable? When your subject/muse does not agree with your vision for a particular shoot, how do you solve it?

Communication is the key. It’s important to listen, to be sensitive and to understand where the person is coming from. It might be so that the person is camera shy or conscious, and rather than judging them, I would ideally speak with them. If they have a vision in mind, I’ll try to understand that but also express my thoughts. I don’t look at this as a problem to solve since it’s art, and art is merely perspective. I will try my best to reach a point of comfort, if it works out then great if it doesn’t then there is always another day.

According to your experience, how has the boom of social media and the digital age affected your field?

I think it’s fabulous! The demand for pictures and videos has shot up immensely. There are a lot of copyright issues too, but I’d prefer to look at the positive side. A lot of amazing talent is coming up who wish to showcase their work and the best ones are benefiting from it. It is important to be up to date, which can be pressurising too, but I’m honestly enjoying it a lot.

You recently shot a magazine cover with Quick Style, how was your experience working with the extraordinary dance crew?

It was so much FUN, the Quick Style group included 10 of them. Their energy was so infectious, they had ideas galore. We settled on a more subtle theme. I think the entire team behind the shoot, from the producer Jashoda, to the stylist Sameer, and makeup artist Dishi Sanghvi, everyone was spot on! They are an extraordinary dance crew for sure and I am so glad that they could contribute to my art.”

We had a great time uncovering what goes on behind the lens for Amit Khanna, and hope you did too. Happy World Photography Day! So, go ahead and capture everything that makes you smile, today and every day 🙂