The world today is experiencing a never seen before advancement of technical innovation and creativity. In a groundbreaking move that merges cutting-edge technology with iconic cultural landmarks, WhatsApp has unveiled its latest privacy initiative in Mumbai. The heart of this endeavour is an immersive 3D anamorphic installation located at the famed Gateway of India, serving as a visually standing proof to it commitment to protecting user privacy.

WhatsApp Privacy Installation at Gateway of India


A digital spectacle at the Gateway of India

This unique installation marks a historical first for the Gateway of India—a marvel of creativity that transforms the landmark into a dynamic digital experience. The installation utilises 3D anamorphism to depict how WhatsApp’s intricate privacy layers operate harmoniously to establish a secure environment for private messaging. Through the fusion of creative storytelling and symbols deeply woven into Mumbai’s identity, such as the iconic kaali-peeli taxis, the red post boxes, the timeless street lamps, and the graceful Gateway of India, this immersive exhibit paints a vivid picture of privacy preservation.

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Understanding the protective gear

At the core of this installation lies the disclosing of WhatsApp’s protective features. The narrative unfolds as it highlights the significance of end-to-end encryption, two-step verification, silencing unknown callers, and messages that vanish into thin air. This interesting visual journey carefully traces the trajectory of a message from its originator to its intended recipient, demonstrating how these safeguards functions collectively work to prevent any unauthorised access. The exhibition effectively showcases the giants dedication to empowering users with ultimate control over their private conversations.

An insight from Meta India

Sandhya Devanathan, Vice President of Meta India, expressed her enthusiasm about this novel approach to privacy advocacy. She emphasised that privacy is ingrained in WhatsApp’s DNA, and this initiative not only enhances awareness around privacy features but also showcases the multiple layers of protection in place. She conveyed that the immersive anamorphic privacy installations at the Gateway of India are a proof of its unwavering commitment to bolstering existing security measures. These efforts underscore the unwavering commitment to empowering users to tailor their privacy preferences as they communicate with loved ones.

A Global Campaign with Local Roots

The Gateway of India installations stand as a significant chapter within WhatsApp’s global privacy campaign, which was inaugurated in June. This multifaceted campaign has reached across various platforms, spanning social media, digital channels, broadcast media, print, and billboards across India. Among the campaign’s impactful features are new privacy functionalities like silencing unknown callers and privacy checkups, which provide users with even more comprehensive control over their messaging experience. An innovative on-ground activation in collaboration with Anushka Sharma introduced mirrored messages within malls across Delhi, bringing the campaign’s message to life in a tangible way.

In conclusion, WhatsApp’s immersive 3D anamorphic installation at the Gateway of India stands as a remarkable testament to the company’s dedication to privacy. Through the interplay of innovative technology, creative storytelling, and local symbolism, this exhibit paints a vivid picture of how the social media platform safeguards private conversations. As the landmark witnesses this unprecedented fusion of art and privacy advocacy, it solidifies its position as a pioneer in protecting user privacy in the digital age.