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Instagram keeps working on new feature updates to make the experience of the users easier and more fun. In the past few months, Instagram has come up with quite a few tools and updates. They keep listening to the needs of the users for an interactive and collaborative experience.

Instagram is a very popular platform that aids the growing creators and influencers. It constantly gives out support to the digital creators in one way or another. The BOI campaign was a success and helped a lot of creators. Such updates and campaigns are a boost for all the creators and users to keep making content and to be creative.

The app is now working on some new features namely, “Use as template”, “Remix photos”, “Transition effects on reels”, “React with an Avatar”, and “Notes”.

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Reels- Use as Template

The “Use as template” option that is for Reels on Instagram allows the user to replace the clips with their own template. Instagram keeps working on the ability to make this feature available for all. It is also starting to work on this feature to be available for Android users as well.

Remix Photos on Reels

Just like one would Remix Reels on Instagram, they can also “Remix Photos” by this feature that Instagram is working on. Remixing reels has been a success and a lot of creators are allowing their fans to remix their reels which not only increases the reach but also gets the creativity of users out.

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Instagram Reels have been quite the craze. Well, Instagram knows how to make it better. They are working on the ability to introduce some Transitional effects. These effects include blur, zoom, flare and warp.


Lastly, Instagram is also working on the “Notes” feature. This is a way to allow the users to leave a note for their close friends.

Source: Alessandro Paluzzi/Twitter

On the sideline, the app is also testing an update in the story viewer column where it will show if the user is online or active on Instagram.

Let’s wait and watch when these features that seem interesting get launched.