Twitter is working on two new features. It has been reported that the features are for the Web app and iOS Beta app respectively. For the Web app Twitter is working on “Video Trimmer” feature while for the iOS beta app it is working on “Sign in With Apple” feature. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Video Trimmer

Twitter is working on Video Trimmer for the Web app. The video trimmer will allow users to trim down videos to their desired length before uploading it as part of their tweet. Jane Manchun Wong also shared what the feature will look like.

Sign in With Apple

For Twitter beta iOS app Twitter will allow users to sign in using their apple id directly by selecting the sign in with apple option.

Source: MacRumors

However in its current phase, attempting to continue with Sign in With Apple prompts some initial errors which Twitter will soon rectify. Jane Manchun Wong in her tweet also shared images of the Apple Sign-In integration feature.

As of now both the features are under work in progress (WIP) and Twitter has not released any official confirmation regarding their official release. We previously covered “Twitter Is Introducing Upvote and Downvote Buttons“. To know more about this feature. Click Here.