We are back with another edition of “What New Is Instagram Working On?“. Previously we talked about Instagram working on Redesigned Poll Sticker, Audio Remix for Reels, Just Watched Reels and Increased Video Resolution. You can check out more details on these by clicking here. As Instagram continues to work on new features. Let’s have a look at some features that Instagram is currently working on and if all goes well we might see them in the app soon.


Instagram is working on an option to create lists. In the tweet below by popular app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, we can see the images of what the ‘Toggle Lists’ option will look like. Currently Instagram allows users to create a list of users whose stories and posts users wish to mute.

Account Health

Quite often on Instagram posts get taken down due to issues pertaining to community guidelines. With the Account Health section, users will be able to see the history of their removed post and ask Instagram for a review if they feel that a mistake has been made.

Reels Clips Editor

Instagram is working on a Reels Clips Editor which follows a different design than the current one. From the images it can be inferred that users will have the option to split the video footage and arrange them in a desired sequence. 

However exciting these new features may seem. All of them are WIPs (work in progress) and so far there has been no official confirmation from Instagram regarding their official roll out.

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