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Sahil Khan, a trained dancer is nailing trending Instagram songs with his grooving moves!

He is a choreographer, artist, and social media entertainer. Sahil inspires thousands of people simply by fearlessly expressing his passion for music and stepping beyond his comfort zone. With his dancing abilities, he has succeeded in winning everyone’s hearts with ease, he has amassed a great fan base and despite his young age, he has an influence on people all over the world.

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He rose to stardom by sharing videos of his choreography, which gave him the boost he needed to let people take note of his sheer dedication to his work.

Before beginning his career as a choreographer, Sahil worked really hard and put in a lot of practice, and he is among those few who found their way directly to the hearts of spectators.

He often refers to dancing as a form of meditation, he makes sure that his choreography radiates grace and beauty.

His outstanding charisma and stunning grin make him one of the fastest-growing content creators, and seeing his caliber, Sahil unquestionably deserves a lot more views.

Sahil also has a YouTube Chanel – Sahil And Anjali where he has amassed many subscribers by showcasing his dance skills with Anjali.

He never fails to bring back fond memories by dancing to old trending Bollywood songs. These old tunes can be really refreshing at times.

So, today, we bring you a few of his best choreographies with the most fantastic dance steps that will keep you entertained enough to watch them on repeat!

More amazing content, growth, and advancement are things we eagerly anticipate!