As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, one of the most exciting parts for fans is anticipating a new season of their favorite show!

Minus One: New Chapter, an enjoyable, lighthearted, and endearing series, returns with Ayush Mehra and Aisha Ahmed as Varun and Ria and the series has been available for streaming on Lionsgate Play.

Minus One was a success, thanks to the on-screen chemistry of Aisha and Ayush, which has a certain warmth and simplicity. As a result, the audience was thrilled when Minus One: New Chapter was revealed.

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This series will speak to all the millennials and GenZers who are constantly struggling to develop their own identity in a relationship. The beginning of this new season may rekindle interest and create excitement among the populace.

They did an excellent job of bringing across the emotional struggle that their characters are going through as they attempt to navigate their lives both with and without each other.

You can watch the trailer here:

Ayush Mehra is a well-known actor and content creator who predominantly appears in Indian cinema and online series. He gained notoriety for his roles in numerous web series and YouTube videos, including Filtercopy, RVCJ, Dice Media, MostlySane, and Alright.

In conclusion, his out-of-the-world and flexible acting skills have marked a great response for him in the industry!

Aisha Ahmed is a well-known actor and content creator. With her endearing nature, flawless acting abilities, and distinctive dress style that combines modern and traditional elements, she has won the hearts of many followers.

Overall, Aisha Ahmed is a talented actress who has made a mark in the Indian entertainment industry!

May their efforts, dedication, and commitment continue to pay off in all of their endeavors. Here’s to them having a successful and happy future!