We all speak different languages but there’s one language that is our comfort zone- our mother tongue language. That should be celebrated and valued more than any other language that you know as, as we progress in this world, new languages make their way into everyone’s vocabulary.

International Mother Language Day is a yearly event celebrated on February 21 to raise awareness of the diversity of linguistic and cultural expressions. This day honors the Sustainable Development Goals’ emphasis on leaving no one behind and the contribution that languages and multilingualism can make to inclusion. Multilingual education based on the mother tongue or first language is encouraged and promoted by UNESCO. It is a kind of education that starts with the language that the student already knows the best before introducing additional languages progressively.

The International Mother Language Day of 2023 has its topic “Multilingual education – a must to transform education.”

We are sharing some of our favourite content creators who make content in regional language and it is so fun to watch them.

Focused Indian

Karan Sonawane who is famous as Focused India is a Marathi content creator who makes content in the regional language as well as Hindi and has been garnering fans from around the country but most likes from the Marathi audience.

Shaz Mohamed

Shaz creates content that resonates with the Malayali audience. His content will give you details of gadgets and technology.

Kishen Das

Check out Kishen’s content if you’re looking for Tamil content. He will entertain you in his Tamil tone and language.

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Vishnu Kaushal and Govind Kaushal

This brother duo from Chandigarh is going to give you a stomach ache with the laughter pangs in their fun Punjabi accent.


Satshya has fun content, informative content and content that ends with a recognizable note that makes it her content- ‘EASY’!

Snehil Mehra (BC Aunty)

If you say funny content, the synonym is Bheri Cute Aunty for it!

Check out her content for the fun Central mother tongue language tone, mostly Madhya Pradesh tone.

The growth of inclusive communities that permit the coexistence and cross-fertilization of various cultures, worldviews, and knowledge systems is facilitated by multilingualism. Do check out their content and let us know which regional content creator do you love.