Agasthya Shah is a YouTuber, vlogger, influencer, and content creator whose goal is to make his audience smile His YouTube videos feature challenges, Q&As, vlogs, and collaborations, and his audience enjoys and admires them. His Instagram reels, on the other hand, are based on observational comedy and originality, with a dash of his personality thrown in for good measure. This combo has become a fan favourite among viewers, including mine. So, here are five reels by Agasthya Shah that can be watched in a loop.

1. Ronaldo and Petrol Petition

Ronaldo putting aside Coca-Cola bottles was a video clip that recently went viral. Soon later, the news broke about how Coca Cola’s stock had dropped as a result of the video. Here’s Agasthya’s take on it, which has been trending and gaining a lot of attention on the internet.

2. She Likes Me Kind of Optimism

You know how people’s perception of things are influenced by how they think and interpret what they hear from others, even if it isn’t what was said? This is Agasthya’s perception when someone told him she liked him as a friend. The cutest scene is the one where he snaps his finger and a new kind of optimism appears. Take a look to see what I’m talking about!

3. Desi Version of Clubhouse Moderators

The Clubhouse app has been very popular, and as a result, content creators are creating videos about it. While some people made content on how it has disrupted their sleep schedules, Agasthya gave it a desi spin. If Indian uncles and aunties had regulated the clubhouse, it would have looked like this…

4. Instagram Challenge Gone Wrong

On Instagram, the ‘Make Everyone Think It’s a Photo’ challenge has been trending, where individuals freeze their videos to fool people into thinking it’s a photo. Here’s Agasthya’s take on taking this challenge on the road, as well as how it all went wrong in a matter of seconds. Tap and watch it right away!

5. Indian Aunties Have No Gossip Left?

We’ve all been in circumstances where uncles and aunts who live in the same building or are related in some way phone and inquire about the children’s board exam results. However, due to the epidemic, board exams will not be held. Here’s what Agasthya has to say about how aunties are reacting right now.

Here are five of my personal favourite Agasthya reels; I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Don’t forget to follow Agasthya on social media platforms in order to consume the content curated for you. In the meantime, here are two pieces featuring Agasthya Shah that you can read till my pen writes more for you. Tap here: ‘Under 20 Youtubers: Tarini Shah, Dev Raiyani, Taneesha Mirwani and Agasthya Shah Set their Marks as Influencers’ and ‘Agasthya Shah Hits the Milestone of 100K Subscribers on YouTube’.