Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane, known for her comedy content and acting made a special birthday announcement! Today, she made a pre-launch proclamation of her brand-new merchandise which is going to be launched soon in association with Merchbay, the sister company of One Digital Entertainment.

You can check out Prajakta’s official announcement here:

Now, let’s talk about the variety of merchandise that you will be offered on the website. Her collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, and masks. All of it will be available in diverse colours like black, maroon, red, white, navy blue, olive green, charcoal, and lavender. And the best part? Either ‘Dum Dum Army’ or ‘MostlySane’ printed on it! Now, you can show off your love for the digital star anytime anywhere.

Just yesterday, she dropped a hint for all her dumdums regarding her upcoming collection of merchandise. Did you notice ‘MOSTLYSANE’ written on the back of her white sweatshirt? Well, that’s also a part of her soon-to-be-launched merchandise. On that recent post captioned as, “How about we announce a lil something tomorrow too?”, some of the fans had already guessed the correct answer, but other wrong comments portrayed the excitement for ‘Mismatched’ season 2. Though unfortunately, the latter is not happening anytime soon, the former definitely is!

Merchbay being a team of foremost fashion designers ensures visually appealing and high-quality products with strict quality approval standards. With this pre-launch announcement, the digital world is buzzing with excitement. We can’t wait for the official launch of the goodies! The dum dum army must be impatiently waiting for it more than ever so that they could grab these amazing pieces asap! Am I right or am I right? For now, the fans can only wait and keep a lookout for Prajakta Koli’s next news. You can pre-book the first line of MostlySane merchandise by clicking HERE!