Keep Walking” may be a mere two-word phrase, but it stands for a whole lot more. It stands for change, progress, and carving a path that benefits us as a community. Carrying forth the spirit of “Keep Walking” by Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer (Non-Alcoholic), Walkers & Co. is a platform that celebrates collective progress by individuals and communities, and inspires people to challenge the status quo that charts a progressive path for the future.

Keep Walking’ has always been a rallying cry for a community of changemakers who work towards a diverse, inclusive and sustainable world. The idea is to inspire the audience and enable them to carve their own niche – irrespective of what the norms in society are. In today’s milieu, walking together with communities while celebrating oneself has become an inevitable path to progress.

Walkers & Co. celebrates people who believe in themselves, value their journey, and aim for progress, both for themselves and the world. These individuals learn, grow, and work together with others, contributing to stories of creativity, inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability. Such people are defined by their walk: the milestones, the journey, the resilience, the fluidity, and the learning & growth that comes with it.

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One of the most potent tools in bringing about this change is music. To create something in line with the ‘Keep Walking’ philosophy, Walkers & Co brought two iconic musicians together for a powerhouse anthem and a first-of-its-kind tour in India in 2022! It was an electrifying experience to watch John Legend and Raja Kumari light up the stage with their high-energy anthem at Mumbai and Gurugram. The musical tour marks the objective of Walkers & Co as a platform with a bid to spark conversations around communities, collaborations, and co-creation in the most beautiful and moving way!

Shweta Jain, Chief Business Development Officer: Luxury, Reserve & Craft – India and South Asia, Diageo said, “We created Walkers & Co. as a platform to create bold boundary pushers across creator communities. Our global rallying cry ‘Keep Walking’ has been inspiring generations.” The Walkers & Co. platform was unveiled on December 3, 2022, at the Jio World Gardens by Indian Drag Royalty, Sushant Divgikr aka Rani KoHEnur, and renowned contemporary artist Hanif Kureshi.

The event showcased a mind-blowing beatboxing performance along with an amazing B-Boying dance performance to pique the interest of folks around and build curiosity. Soon after the performance, the curtain dropped to reveal Sushant Divgikr and Hanif Kureshi as they brought the ethos of Walkers & Co. alive with an enlightening pop-up performance. This was the first time we were all introduced to the logo and the platform. Ever since the reveal, Walkers & Co will be collaborating with communities across cultural touch points around the country.

The Times of India’s November 6, 2023, issue’s 2-page cover was an ode to this beautiful Walkers & Co.’s Keep Walking initiative while highlighting the influential figures associated with it. The leading news publication even dedicated its masthead to them, changing the copy from The Times of India to “The Walkers Of India.” Sushant Divgikr were elated to be in the same frame as John Legend, Raja Kumari, and the inimitable Hanif Kureshi on the cover.

They posted about it saying, “Such a big win for me personally but more so, a bigger win for my community and all those youngsters that are like me and feel represented through me!Hanif Kureshi said, “The world needs more expressions of inclusion and diversity, while realising the need for sustainability. I am honoured to find a platform that honours fresh perspectives and celebrates all those who keep walking towards progress.”

The platform is poised to be a powerful catalyst for collaboration and co-creation between individuals to harness and unleash the true power of the collective, and build strong, supportive communities that help the society to always move forward. Check out their Instagram page and join the Walkers & Co. community to help recognize more such talents and witness their journey. What a lovely thought it is to #KeepWalking through anything that life throws at you.