Prepare to be entertained like never before as the Kaushal brothers, Vishnu and Govind, are all set to grace the stage at the Social Nation Festival 2024! With their hilarious skits, infectious personalities and cutest sibling banter, both Vishnu Kaushal and Govind Kaushal have garnered a massive following across social media platforms and have established themselves as the next big comedic sensation in the Indian comedy scene. 

Vishnu Kaushal and Govind Kaushal at Social Nation Festival 2024

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Meet the CEO of “Bholey Chature”, Govind Kaushal

Known for his comedic timing, Govind Kaushal humorously refers to himself as the “CEO of Bholey Chature.” Through his witty sketches and reels, he has captivated audiences with his relatable humour, earning him a devoted fanbase. His funny reels along with his charming personality have made him a fan favourite. 

The bond between siblings is a treasure, and Govind Kaushal and his brother Vishnu Kaushal epitomise this sentiment. Together, they create uproarious content that has led to memorable moments leaving viewers rolling with laughter.

Govind Kaushal has leveraged his social media influence to collaborate with renowned brands such as Samsung, Swiggy, Dineout, and many more. His comedic talent and engaging content have made him a sought-after partner for brand collaborations.

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Vishnu Kaushal: The Versatile Entertainer

Get ready to be enthralled by the multifaceted talent of Vishnu Kaushal at the Social Nation Festival 2024! From comedy to acting, Vishnu Kaushal is the master of many trades and has demonstrated his versatility across various domains, winning the hearts of his audiences with his charm and wit.

Vishnu Kaushal’s journey in entertainment has seen him explore diverse mediums, from starring in Amazon Prime series like Feel Like Home to featuring in television advertisements and recently sharing the screen space with Shahrukh Khan in Dunki.

In addition to his success in the entertainment industry, Vishnu Kaushal has ventured into entrepreneurship with the launch of his merchandise brand, Peach By Vishnu. He also has a podcast titled OutCast, where he explores a wide range of topics, from politics to personal growth, engaging listeners with his insightful commentary and engaging conversations. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun!

Mark your calendars for the Social Nation Festival 2024 and get ready to witness the comedic brilliance of Govind Kaushal and Vishnu Kaushal! With their captivating performances and engaging presence, they are sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences at Asia’s Largest Creator Festival. Grab your Social Nation Festival tickets online at Zomotolive now for Red Carpet, Meet & Greets, Workshops and much more!

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