Renowned Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan found himself at the centre of controversy recently when viral videos surfaced of him thrashing a man, identified as his employee, Naveed Hasnain, over a ‘bottle.’ The incident sparked widespread criticism on social media, leading to Rahat addressing the matter in subsequent videos.

Viral videos and controversy of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


The Viral Video

In the viral video, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is seen repeatedly slapping and kicking Naveed Hasnain with a shoe, demanding to know the whereabouts of his ‘bottle.’ The singer later clarified that the mentioned bottle contained ‘pir sahab ka dum ka paani‘ or holy water. The intense physical confrontation raised eyebrows, with social media users expressing concern and disapproval.

Apology and Justification

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan did not shy away from the controversy. In an interview with Adeel Asif on a podcast, he admitted to the incident and explained that Naveed is his protege. He shared that he had apologised to Naveed, who had questioned why Rahat was treating him in such a manner. Naveed justified Rahat’s actions, stating that, he plays the role of a teacher, and the part of a father to him.

The Baap Ka Jaise Role

During the video, Rahat emphasised the role of a teacher as being akin to that of a father, asserting that he had fulfilled this responsibility. He disclosed that he had been supporting Naveed’s family by covering medical expenses and wedding costs. Rahat claimed that the incident was a serious matter involving his spiritual guide, attempting to provide context to the severity of the situation.

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Trolling and Misunderstanding

Reacting to the online backlash, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan addressed the trolling by stating that people were not understanding the intensity of the situation. He reiterated that the incident was an internal matter between a master and his disciple. Rahat expressed disappointment, emphasising that the situation involved his spiritual guide, highlighting the gravity of the issue beyond what was perceived on social media.

Internal Matter and Image Tarnishing

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan labeled the incident as an ‘internal matter’ between a teacher and a student. He explained that, in the world of mentorship, praise and punishment go hand in hand. Rahat also claimed that the person who recorded the video was attempting to tarnish his image. In a separate video, he clarified that he had apologised to Naveed immediately after the incident.

The controversy surrounding Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s viral video, where he physically reprimanded his protege, has sparked debates about the dynamics between mentors and students. While the singer has apologised and offered explanations, the incident has shed light on the importance of understanding cultural nuances and the complexities of relationships within the mentorship paradigm.