Uorfi Javed is the internet’s favourite and there is no denying it. You might like her or you might dislike her but you surely cannot ignore her. Known for sometimes bold, sometimes bizarre but all the time out-of-the-box fashion choices, Uorfi graces paparazzi pages very often, giving tough competition to Rakhi Sawant. Her outfits have the knack for being a viral sensation, sparking conversations. Uorfi Javed’s video has yet again been ruling the internet. This time it is obviously for her cool outfit but also because she collaborates with social media’s other star child, Lilly Singh. 

Uorfi Javed and Lilly Singh

Shirt up!

If you thought fashion couldn’t get any crazier, think again. Uorfi Javed, known for her fearless fashion choices, dropped a bombshell on Instagram recently. She posted a video where she’s wearing an outfit made entirely of pink shirts. Mind you we are not talking about a single shirt or 2 shirts layered one on top of the other but there are a bunch of shirts lined up together and there’s another twist to it as well, she’s got them on upside down!

Now, you might be wondering, “Why would anyone wear shirts upside down?” Well, Uorfi’s got it all figured out. Those shirt collars, which are usually around the neck, now create an intricate frill pattern at the bottom. It’s like fashion took a playful spin in the washing machine!

In the video, Uorfi starts by adjusting this unconventional dress made of collars and then, out of nowhere, there’s a pleasant surprise walking into the video, it’s our very own Superwoman!

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The collab of the century

While Uorfi is adjusting her dress, Lilly Singh herself makes an appearance. In her usually chill style, she wears relaxed-fit pants and an oversized shirt, while checking out Uorfi. She can’t help but ask, “What are you wearing?” Uorfi, never one to miss a beat, responds with a witty, “Shirt-up!” and just like her, we too can’t stop smiling/laughing. Lilly adds a compliment saying “I like it” and quickly Uorfi adds “Please don’t shirt up!” After all, who does not like compliments?

Pink Paradise 

Apart from having two digital celebrities in one frame, another striking feature of the video is the amount of pink that can be seen in it. While Uorfi is wearing a bunch of pink shirts, Lilly Singh also opts for a pink-hued oversized shirt which she paired with black pants. In fact, the backdrop chosen for the video is also an electric pink one. 

Internet Breaker!

The video didn’t just make us giggle; it broke the internet! Uploaded just a day ago, it’s already raked in over 137K likes and has more than 1400 comments. Netizens couldn’t get enough of this unconventional outfit. Some even joked that all the shirts from the famous designer Sabyasachi’s wardrobe must have gone missing.

Lilly Singh and Uorfi Javed video is break the internet

One user expressed their love for the daring ensemble, while another humorously claimed that Uorfi had stolen their shirt! It seems like Uorfi’s fashion experiment struck a chord with her fans and the internet at large.

Beyond the Crazy Outfits

Uorfi Javed is no stranger to the limelight. She shot to fame with her stint on Bigg Boss OTT, but her acting skills have also shone in various television series. From Avni in Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania to Aarti in Meri Durga and even Bella in Bepannaah, she’s made her mark in the entertainment world.

Lilly Singh, on the other hand, has been the OG YouTuber who reshaped digital entertainment with her hilarious videos. Since then she has ventured into multiple projects, catapulting her into stardom and fame. She recently also started an Instagram-based literature venture called Lilly’s Library and is co-creating a hair care line called Aavrani. 

Beyond their unconventional personalities, both Uorfi Javed and Lilly Singh are strong women who do not shy away from having an opinion. Their confidence, their charm and their bold personality speaks for itself, without being shadowed by anybody around.

So, there you have it – the world of Uorfi Javed, where shirts go upside down, fashion meets fun, and style knows no bounds. Whether she’s making us laugh with Lilly Singh or rocking the red carpet with her daring choices, Uorfi Javed is a fashion force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned for more of her crazy and creative fashion escapades – you never know what she’ll do next!