After the takeover of ‘Twitter‘ by the Tesla co-founder Elon Musk, the netizens have been expecting changes in the performance and working of Twitter. This comes after Musk’s takeover but he had been suggesting a series of changes to Twitter since last month. After buying the company Musk remarked how he wanted to enhance the platform with new features.

In the last week of April, Twitter confirmed the sale of the company to  Elon Musk for $44 billion. After the takeover, there have been some announcements about the changes in the social media platform.

Twitter’s edit button

There are many social media applications that provide the edit button to their users. It’s been some time since the users have been asking for an edit button over Twitter. Users need to delete the tweet if they want to edit even a minute issue. However, now the platform plans to add an edit button and that has brought joy to Twitterati.

As Twitter plans to give its users an Edit button, to help them correct errors in their tweets, app researcher and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong on Tuesday revealed the first glimpse of the new tool. She tweeted a video with the steps needed to edit a tweet. A user has to press a button called “Edit Tweet” in the drop-down context menu, and then he or she can edit the post.

The button will allow replacing the entire media (photo/video file). The Edit button will show the user the entire original content, and the user can then either delete the whole post or start over, as the tool appears not just for grammatical errors.

Twitter to not stay free for commercial users

Twitter has been a free app for its users since the beginning. It might change for some users now. Musk announced via his tweet.

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Twitter Circle

Twitter is now ready to test its new feature which is like Instagram’s close friends feature where users can share their stories with certain people only by making a list of a few particular users. Twitter Safety tweeted about the update that is going to be launched soon. It will allow users to share their tweets with up to 150 people in a circle.

As the platform has been making quite a noise since its takeover by Elon Musk, the users can expect new changes and updates over the platform each month.