While working on some modest updates and changes, Twitter is also making a number of significant improvements. These updates and modifications may or may not ever be made public, but they might add useful functionality for a lot of users.

To start, Twitter is experimenting with the ability to search through a user’s “likes” so one can see precisely who has liked their tweets.

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That can provide users with additional context on when to reach out to someone or just provide them another way to learn who is replying to their tweets. And it can be especially useful for marketers as a research tool to help them understand their audience and who their tweets are reaching.

Twitter is also experimenting with a new method of filtering the replies, which may come in handy if a tweet receives a lot of replies.

Also take note that Twitter is working on a feature that will let users hide their tweet view counts in the center screen, giving users another opportunity to control their activity in the app.

As indicated, all of these are in test mode, with Twitter developer Andrea Conway releasing them for public feedback, before investigating further development.

These changes may be handy, and while they’re not game-changers as such (which may mean they get less priority), tiny changes and upgrades like this could be significant for some users and could make it easier to control your tweet activity.