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The new intriguing Twitter update that users could definitely notice floating around in the app is the Hashfetti update for all the branded hashtag campaigns.

As you can see in the tweet given below, Twitter has improved its branded hashtag experience by including a new feature that will display the appropriate graphic on the user’s screen whenever they tap on the branded tag.

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Although it isn’t a significant update, it might add a new dimension of interaction, which might make its “Hashfetti” campaigns more appealing.

The concept was conceived last year, as Twitter’s Leah Culver explained:

“For Hack Week 2022, [we] assembled a team to build a fun feature for Twitter advertisers as an upsell to branded hashtags… and we won. Shipping this feature would only take a week of engineering work and so I was certain we would be able to get it done… and yeah, that didn’t happen. We got a lot of “NO” for not very good reasons. When Elon Musk took over at Twitter, we saw our chance.”

Again, it’s not a significant improvement, but given that branded hashtags already contribute to better campaign response, it may be one more way to increase resonance and make your advertisements stand out.

In either case, this update adds to the user’s tweet promotions, helping them create a more interesting brand experience.