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According to Twitter Blogs, Birdwatch is a collaborative way to add helpful context to Tweets and keep people better informed.

The program is made up of a number of individuals, or contributors, who assist in identifying information in Tweets that they believe to be misleading and write notes that provide informative context.

On Twitter, only notes that have received a majority of helpful ratings from different contributors or that “bridge” disparate groups of people are displayed.

Now, Twitter is introducing a new onboarding procedure and increasing the visibility of notes in order to boost Birdwatch’s beneficial effects and promote healthier Twitter conversations.

Here’s a look at the recent developments as well as some significant new discoveries that demonstrate the influence Birdwatch has already had on Twitter.

A better way to join and contribute to Twitter’s Birdwatch

New Birdwatch contributors will start with a Rating Impact score of 0, which they can raise by consistently rating the notes of other contributors and accurately identifying those that are Helpful and Not Helpful.

When a contributor’s score reaches five, they are eligible to begin adding notes.

By writing Helpful notes and continuing to rate notes written by others, contributors can further raise their Writing and Rating Impact scores.

A contributor’s score will drop if they consistently submit notes with the Not Helpful status, and their note-writing ability may be temporarily disabled.


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Expanding the Birdwatch contributor base and the visibility of notes

Twitter will carefully monitor the outcome of this change to see if it affects the frequency or quality of contributions, and the process will be changed as necessary.

More US users of Twitter will start to see notes on Tweets that have been deemed useful by Birdwatch contributors in the upcoming weeks.

It’s important to note that this does not mean you will start seeing notes on every Tweet; rather, it just means that a larger proportion of you will start seeing notes that have been rated as helpful.


Understanding the impact of Birdwatch

According to the research, using Birdwatch to keep users on Twitter better informed is a successful strategy. The “bridging algorithm” plays a significant role in how intentionally informative and helpful notes are designed to be.