In 2020, the majority of users of social media spend their time SCROLLING! Most of us ended up scrolling for fun even if we only used the internet for work at the time when Instagram started introducing reels similar to TikTok. Many content bloggers were born as a result of Instagram’s introduction of reels, and this was the period when their viewership grew. While several fields were expanding their scope and prominence, food blogging was a significant new market. And Chahat Anand was one such creator at the time.

Chahat Anand who is a food blogger gives her recipes unique twists with her own effects and narration, which has the impact of someone speaking to your next door.

The foodie is not only making people drool over her Instagram videos; she is also making them want over her Chahat Anand YouTube channel. She uploads food-related videos to her channel, which has more than a million subscribers (of course). People are drawn to this cute young girl since she may be seen preparing simple recipes for fancy food. Chahat also has an interest in more than just doing food vlogging- travel vlogs! She has her own travel vlog too by the name of Chahat Anand Vlogs.

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Chahat doesn’t miss out on hopping onto the trends, only she does it in her own creative way. For example, this trend:

Chahat earned popularity with her excellent meals and the manner she gave voiceover behind them. Her unique methods for creating videos and evaluating cuisine are what distinguish her material.

With over 809k followers on Instagram, This is the profile you need to visit if you like to skim through food videos and occasionally make them. She may want you to subscribe to her channel and follow her if you find her cuteness endearing.