Conversations on Twitter are tied together by hashtags (#s). When people Tweet with a hashtag, they become a part of the conversation. These were the most Tweeted hashtags on Twitter in India in 2021.

  1. #Covid19: Right in the early months of 2021, India was hit by the second wave of COVID-19 – leaving people distraught. As citizens took to Twitter in search of information, they found help. People on the service volunteered to find resources, mobilise help and connect people with leads for #oxygen, hospital beds and medical supplies. While the second wave inspired an unprecedented movement of humanity on Twitter, the beginning of vaccination drives also brought a ray of hope, and people continued to stay connected on Twitter with #Covid19.
  1. #FarmersProtest: Conversations around the #FarmersProtest continued from 2020 into 2021. Politicians, celebrities, citizens and protesting farmers took to Twitter alike to share and exchange opinions, making it one of the most Tweeted hashtags in India this year.
  1. #TeamIndia: 2021 was a busy year for Indian sport – and so was it for the sports community on Twitter. From the men’s cricket team’s historic win at the Gabba to an unprecedented run at the Olympics and the Paralympics – sports fans on Twitter cheered on for #TeamIndia across games, matches and tournaments – turning Twitter into a virtual stadium that was always roaring their support for our athletes. 
  1. #Tokyo2020: With #TeamIndia finishing at a total tally of seven medals at the Olympics and 19 medals at the Paralympics, the #Tokyo2020 Games were all the talk on Twitter. People took to the service to support their favourite athletes at the Games and made sure to celebrate each of India’s wins across the season.
  1. #IPL2021: One of the most awaited events of one of India’s favourite sports – the return of the #IPL2021 was special. After being called-off midway due to COVID-19 interruptions, #CricketTwitter waited with bated breath for the second leg in October – turning the IPL from a month-long event to a six-month-long one. Unsurprisingly, this made it one of the top conversations of the year in India.
  1. #IndVEng: India’s rollercoaster-ride at the five-test series on English grounds this year had Indian sports fans at the edge of their seats and glued to Twitter. While the series did not culminate, Shardul Thakur (@imshard) and Rishabh Pant’s (@RishabhPant17) partnership at the Oval led to #TeamIndia winning two matches, giving Indian fans another reason to celebrate on Twitter.
  1. #Diwali: Diwali isn’t just a widely celebrated festival, it is also one of the most talked-about events on Twitter. People took to the service to talk about their festive preparations, engaged with brands and indulged in festive shopping, and share their appreciation and love for friends and families, making #Diwali is one of the biggest conversations of the year.
  1. #Master: Tamil cinema continued to dominate entertainment conversations on Twitter. Anticipation of the film #Master alone made it one of the most talked-about movies in 2020, and the trend continued with its release in 2021. The Vijay (@actorvijay) starrer received massive love from fans on Twitter once again this year, cementing its position on the list of the most Tweeted hashtags of 2021.
  1. #Bitcoin: A conversation that gained momentum on Twitter this year was around cryptocurrency and digital assets. Twitter has become the home for crypto conversation and #Bitcoin made it to the list of most popular conversations of the year.
  1. #PermissionToDance: This song by South Korean boy band BTS (@BTS_twt) experienced immediate love from loyal fans. K-pop is becoming an increasingly popular music genre on the service, and is ruling hearts and charts all over the world including India.

In addition to the most Tweeted hashtags, several other conversations across categories kept people engaged and Tweeting.

Most Tweeted hashtags – Current Affairs

  1. #Covid19
  2. #Afghanistan
  3. #CGL19marks
  4. #IndianArmy
  5. #Uttarakhand

Foreseeably, #Covid19 was the most Tweeted hashtag in the current affairs category this year. The Taliban’s takeover of #Afghanistan also kept Indians talking on Twitter, while young job aspirants demanded the Staff Selection Commission to release #CGL19marks. Conversations expressing pride and gratitude for our soldiers surfaced through the year with #IndianArmy, and the flash floods in #Uttarakhand also had people Tweeting in support, expressing concerns, and sharing updates about the State.

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Most Tweeted hashtags – Culture

  1. #Diwali
  2. #EidMubarak
  3. #RepublicDay
  4. #IndependenceDay
  5. #InternationalWomensDay

With Twitter being a reflection of what’s happening in the world, India’s cultural diversity was mirrored in Twitter conversations too. With #Diwali being one of the top conversations of the year, #EidMubarak became the second most Tweeted hashtag in the culture category, followed by conversations around #RepublicDay and #IndependenceDay. #InternationalWomensDay also saw people engaging in conversations around equal rights for women, with many professionals, women leaders, and organizations hosting discussions to engage a conversation with women on Twitter.

Most Tweeted about Digital Assets

  1. #Bitcoin
  2. #BSC
  3. #Crypto
  4. #NFT
  5. #DeFi

As noted by #Bitcoin’s entry into the most Tweeted hashtags this year, people on Twitter in India engaged extensively in conversations around digital assets and cryptocurrencies. From blockchain networks like #BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to digital assets like #NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), people were keen to learn about decentralized finance and several new digital concepts this year.

Most Tweeted Emojis of 2021

While India had a lot to talk about, there were times when words weren’t enough. These were the emojis that India Tweeted with the most this year.