According to Offical Twitter Blog, Twitter has today launched the first stage of live testing for what’s arguably the most requested social media platform addition of all time – the capacity to edit a tweet after posting.

As you can see in the image given below, edited tweets will include a note at the bottom indicating that it has been edited, while all users will be able to access tweet edit history by tapping on the pencil icon.

Initially, Twitter says that it’s launching a test of the feature with internal staff, before expanding the test pool to Twitter Blue subscribers in the coming weeks

Source: Twitter Blog

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What is Edit Tweet?

Edit Tweet is a feature that lets people make changes to their Tweet after it’s been published. Think of it as a short period of time to do things like fix typos, add missed tags, and more.

For this test, Tweets will be able to be edited a few times in the 30 minutes following their publication. Edited Tweets will appear with an icon, timestamp, and label so it’s clear to readers that the original Tweet has been modified.

Tapping the label will take viewers to the Tweet’s Edit History, which includes past versions of the Tweet.

The full Twitter editing details are as follows:

  • Tweets will be editable within the first 30 minutes following their publication.
  • Tweet edits will be publicly accessible via the tweet history, which will list all previous versions of the tweet, and detail when the edits occurred
  • Users will be able to edit text, images, and video in a tweet, as well as alt text info
  • While it will first be launched to Twitter Blue subscribers only, all users will eventually be able to access the option, free of charge
Edit Tweet

So, there it is – tweet editing, the long-awaited, much-requested, savior of Twitter is here!