Twitter continues to improve its user interface by working upon “Reply Later“. It has been confirmed that Twitter is working on the reply later feature which will allow users to reply later to the direct messages (DMs) on Twitter. Popular app developer Alessandro Paluzzi on his twitter shared images of what the feature will look like when available:

Users will have to swipe right to reply later to a conversation. After swiping right a notification, “You’ve marked *username* as reply later” will pop up to notify the users. Twitter is also developing a separate dedicated space to sort out all the reply later messages.

The concept of replying later isn’t new to the social media and digital world. WhatsApp has a similar feature called “Mark as unread” which allows users to mark a conversation as unread and reply to it later. Similarly Instagram too has come up with “Saved replies” which allow creators to save replies and respond instantly to    frequently asked questions (FAQs). The “Reply Later” feature is still under work in progress (WIP) and will be available across the platform soon.